Krones Filling machine for cans

Ref : 2316320-5-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Krones
Model : Filling machine for cans
Year(s) : 1991
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)

Format: 0,25L, 0,33L, 0,5L
Control: Siemens S7

Can filling line Capacity:
14.500 cph by 500 ml Base
24.000 cph by 330 ml Sleek
24.000 cph by 250 ml Slim

Can depalletizer
year of manufacturing: 2001 relaycontrol, 3-side shaft with elevator pallet stack height max. 3,250 mm high empty-can discharge with plastic mat belt pallet roller conveyor in gravity design manual removal of metal frame and layer platform for operator

Cable conveyor and gravity rinser
TransTechHysek year of manufacturing: 2006 incl. BMH-inverter, 1 flush-medium

Mixer Famix 15000
year of manufacturing: 1992 control unit Siemens S7-300 hand flap valves 2 components (water and syrup)

Volumetic filler type OC 1440-36-126 year of manufacturing: 2002 control unit Siemens S7 with 36 filling valves with FPM seals, valve node with Neumovalves with 15 ‚ÄĚcolourdisplay

Seamer Ferrum
type F505; manual lid feeder from extended chute

Can transport KRONES
Type SynCo year of manufacturing: 1998 control unit Siemens S5 with plastic chain frequency-controlled drives

Dating unit Videojet
type 1610DH year of manufacturing: 2017 inkjet onto the bottom of the cans

Shrink Wrapper
KHS-Kisters type 197/60 year of manufacturing: 1991 control unit Siemens S7 (upgrade 2013) with 6-lane can infeed packaging: 6 x 3 and 6 x 4 cardboard tray with shrink film Nordson hot melt unit with shrinking tunnel type ST / II-600V EAN code and printer integrated

Tray transport KRONES
type MultiCo year of manufacturing: 1998 Siemens S5 control unit roller chain and roller railing for shrinktray

Palletizer Kettner
type Pressant Uni 1N year of manufacturing: 1991 (refurbished 2007) control unit Siemens S7 with 1-lane inlet on low level with internal turning device with pre-grouping station with rollers with row pusher with loading plate with motorized layer centering with empty pallet magazine

Pallet Stretch Wrapper BPM
with rotary arm year of manufacturing: 2001 control unit Siemens S7 frame made of stainless steel 1 film roll on the rotary arm incl. Pallet conveyor

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