Langa CD/1000/3E/AV6

Ref : 2471601-11-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Langa
Model : CD/1000/3E/AV6
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)

The equipment is a de-icing system mounted on a towable trolley.
In order to perform the de-icing task the equipment includes:

Height adjustable open basket.
De-icing system to throw de-icing fluid onto the aircraft surfaces.
The height adjustable basket is operated by a hydraulic system.
The de-icing tank has a capacity of 1500 liters.
The de-icing fluid is thrown to the aircraft surfaces using an electrohydraulic pump with a supply gun (height and flow adjustable).

Fluid Type I as standard.No need for stabilizers.
Heating system with diesel boiler/burner.Heating time less than 50 minutes.
Tank made stainless steel.
Thermal insulation is fitted towarranty the fluid temperature.
Recirculation pump to assure a homogeneous temperature.
Auxiliary generator set with 220V single phase and380 V III phase for auxiliary services.
On board voltage 12 VDC.Gun to flow the fluid to the required zone.
Adjustable flow and dispersion.
Basket movements, temperature gauge control and boost pump control on the basket control panels.Working light
Heating controls on the tank control panel.
Safety components/features: dual low level sensor, digitalinclinometer, parking brake sensor, etc…
Fully complies with EN12312-6.

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