MAN Roland 906-7b+LV 1020 x 1420

Ref : 2101421-4-CP
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : MAN Roland
Model : 906-7b+LV
Size : 1020 x 1420
Year(s) : 2007
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)

Series 7
HiPrint model
Roland 900 Series 6 Color Size 7b
Special Stock Range thickness of 0.08 mm to 1.0 mm
Foil Package
Color Pilot closed loop ink measurement end regulation device consisting of measuring head track,
standard-compliant densitometric measurement (With polarization filter), densitometric regulation. protocol printer, print control strips
Control console comfort package which consists of drawers, inclination adjustment and ambient light shield
Interface for connecting the ManRoland press to ManRoland press network
Upgraded Kersten static eliminators for the feeder and delivery which consists of basic equipment and upgrade for lightweight paper and label foils
Brush-type impression cylinder washing device for printing units
Brush-type impression cylinder washing device for the coating module
Coating Module which consists of E-line, chambered doctor blade, extension of approximately 3,572 mm,
lifting device, quick-action plate Clamps, and preparation for the installation of an IR/Thermo air dryer
Seccomatic IR dryer for Inks &coatings
Preparation for UV Interdeck
Height of a plinth 26.25" (667mm) and preparation for a machine to be erected on a plinth. Concrete pad to be provided by the customer
Recessed steel plate in the delivery
Nonstop equipment automated with Rollomatic
Overload protection
North American Electrics
ManRoland EnergyLInk
IPA-Free package which consists of pH indication, fresh water supply pressure and conductivity measurement,
dosage device, mixing section with conductivity measurement after doser, conductivity measurement
in the dampening supply circuit, additional filter station, dampening rollers with special covering, and connection to printnet console
Ink Temperature Control preparation which consists of hollowed out roller, screw thread, rotary unions, piping, and rust reducing fluid
Technotrans beta.C RC combination unit (Central Circulator and Ink Temperature Control chiller)
remote mounted air cooled condenser, including double doser, tecon controller, temperature and conductivity monitoring
4 Bay Air Station
Six Accel Ink Units
ASTI (Mainline) Logistics in the feeder and delivery
C. 113 M Imp

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