Marel ValueDrum coated or marinated fresh products

Ref : 2124238-7-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Marel
Model : ValueDrum
Short Description : coated or marinated fresh products
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Central and Eastern)

ValueDrum has been developed for the in-line production of coated or marinated fresh products.

Complete process control
ValueDrum's in-line principle of processing smaller portions with the possibility of applying specific massage components
and the controlled method of adding different ingredients in a sequence, leads to a much more constant product quality.
ValueDrum also enables more reliable product tracking and tracing.

Operating principle
After a cut-up or deboning line, a batch weigher makes small batches that go straight to ValueDrum.
Due to simultaneous operation of the so-called forwarding components that every segment is equipped with, the products are moved simultaneously to the next segment until they end up on the delivery belt to the packaging line.
Consequently, further packaging in bulk or on trays can be implemented efficiently.

High quality product
The measured quantity of coating or marinade is injected automatically in one or several segments, making it also possible to use combinations of marinades and garnishes.
A controllable massage force ensures that the marinade in the sections is not only equally distributed over the products, but that it also penetrates into the product. Depending on the product and the coating or marinade, dedicated massage components can be placed in the rotating segments in order to achieve the desired quality product.

Modular set-up
ValueDrum has a modular set-up and can be extended with segments to meet the required process time or capacity in the future.
The number of segments required depends on the desired capacity, product type and the required process.

Automatic infeed, no manual loading
Completely inline operation
Labor and material cost reduction
Short process times
Modular set-up, depending on capacity
Simultaneous operation of small batches
Combinations of marinades and garnishes possible
Controllable massage force for product penetration
Reliable product tracking and tracing

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