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Price : 2700

1. Cangzhou wanqing machinery equipment co., ltd. developed and produced this new type of sand fruit coring machine by summarizing the experience of coring in the past years.Its characteristic is to go nuclear clean, working efficiency is high.It saves a lot of labor costs for the workers.
2. Like most coring machines, this fruit coring machine is a semi-automatic rotary type machine.Workers only need to put the fruit into the pit of the machine to complete the work.The whole machine body is made of stainless steel, which is safe, healthy and elegant.
3. Sand fruit in the process of coring machine coring produced less noise.Stable operation, very low power consumption, internal parts wear-resistant and durable.
4. This sand fruit coring machine will not damage the fruit in the process of coring.Machine needle uses stainless steel material to pledge, hard sex is good, the flesh of the sand fruit after going nucleus won't black, long-term wear-and-tear won't appear easily bad the case such as needle.

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