Optopol PTS-910

Ref : 1957797-13-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Optopol
Model : PTS-910
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Central and Eastern)
Last check : 20 Sep. 2019

- precise and fast field of view examination with static stimulus
- the result of the study presented by means of four graphical graphs
(two of them are related to the standard and standard vision)
- Reliability of the study can be assessed on the basis of a false negative and false positive test.
- Built-in digital camera (eye preview during testing, patient position adjustment,
continuous automatic fixation control)
- Automatic chin control

The scope of the field of vision tested: 100 [deg]
Standard test field:
- central: 30 degrees
- full: 50 degrees
- peripheral: from 30 to 50 degrees
- extended: nose 50 degrees, temple 80 degrees
- glaucoma: 22/50 degrees
- speckle 10 degrees
- screening 30 degrees
- Number of LEDs LED 168
- Number of diodes for the blank 2 × 11 pts
- Number of predefined fields 8 + user field
- number of strategies 9
- Size of stimulus III Goldman
Study strategies:
-facial, screening,
-the threshold
speed , -superior neurology,
-based BSV

Fixation control method: control of the blind spot
Time for patient response: automatically adjusted to patient response / set manually from 0.1 to 9.9s
Background lighting: 10 [asb] set automatically, white
Bebbie's curve
The possibility of printing the result of the test in color
Possibility of testing with the detection of neurological disorders
Possibility to test individual fields again
Chart of eye movements during the test
Device data
Number of test points 168
The size of the stimulus according to the Goldman scale 3
Type of stimulus (LED diodes / other light source) LED diodes
Intensity of the stimulus (asb) 0
Automatic measurement of pupil diameter. Yes
Automatic chin height adjustment Yes
Fixation method: digital blind position control Yes
Time for the patient's response to be automatically adjusted to the patient's response. Yes
Automatic background lighting for different stimulus color No.
Automatic device efficiency check Yes
Built-in computer No.
The results of the research are presented with the help of four graphical graphs simple in interpretation,
two of them being referred to the standard of age and standard vision.
The printout of the test result also contains additional information useful in the interpretation,
such as the size of the medium defect, the pattern defect and the height of the vision hill.
The reliability of the test can be assessed on the basis of a false negative and false positive test.
Built-in digital camera allows you to view the eye during the examination
and when setting the patient's position, and thanks to the autodetection
of the pupil position, continuous automatic fixation control.