Others D313-65L Bottle Depalletizer and Transport System

Ref : 1770655-5-GO
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Others
Model : D313-65L
Short Description : Bottle Depalletizer and Transport System
Year(s) : 2008
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 15 Feb. 2018

Brand: Manex spol. s r.o.
Capacity 47 000 bph
Application New Bottle Depalletizer Manex 47 000 bph
Electric power supply 32.29 kW - 230/400V - 50 Hz
Air consumption (6 bar) 31 Nm3/h
Pallets used in this line 1200 x 1000 mm
Documentation In English
Condition Very good, installed
PLC Siemens Simatic Multi panel

This system includes Smartscan scanning of pallets, a robot
for stacking cardboard between the layers, conveyors for transporting
the bottles to the next unit and stacking/removing system for pallets.

The portal system of machine ensures its maximum stiffness and minimum
of covered area. The frame of machine is welded of the bended profiles made of carbon steel.
The protective paint is three-plied anticorrosive basic paint and two layers of the top covering paint.
Depalletizing completion by the pallet chamber and layer pick-up.
The basic drive of machine – the transfer cases are made by SEW.
The pneumatic elements are made by FESTO.

Working description:
A pallet with a stack of new bottles is transported by a forklift truck to the chain conveyor.
Operators remove foil from the stack.
The pallet with the bottles then moves to the chain conveyor in the depalletizer lift.
The depalletizer lift lifts the conveyor with the full pallet as high as required.
The transporter moves the top layer of bottles with the top layer pad to the lamella sorting table.
The layer pad pick-up removes the layer pad and places it into the layer pad magazine.
The bottles are then sorted to the lamella bottle conveyor and continue on the bottle track to the bottle inserter.
Conveyor in the lift moves up by the thickness of a layer and the entire cycle repeats.
Once the last layer bottles has been moved by the last remaining layer pad on the pallet,
the pick-up removes the layer pads from the pallet.
Conveyor with the empty pallet moves down to the bottom position. Inverter moves in
on the roller conveyor to the pallet magazine.
The crate transport system moves empty crates to the bottle inserter conveyor.
It inserts the bottles from the bottle conveyor to crates.
Full crates continue moving on the crate conveyors to the sorting roller table.

Machinery components:
• Chain conveyor for pallets, 3 pcs
• Aggregate of depalletization
o Elevator
o Chain conveyor in the elevator
o Transfer layer
o Sheet stop
o Pinching
o Rear bottle thrust
• Inverter
• Roller conveyor for pallets
• Pallet magazine
• Layer pad pick-up – complete
o Layer pad pick-up
o Layer pad magazine
• Pallet layer pad pick-up
• Lamella bottle splitting table
• Lamella bottle conveyor, 3 pcs
• Lamella crate conveyor, 7 pcs
• Roller sorting table
• Platform
• Fence

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