Skyline Instruments SL-T21 Desk Integrated Tester

Ref : 396677-9-AW
Condition : New
Manufacturer : Skyline Instruments
Model : SL-T21
Short Description : Desk Integrated Tester
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
ASIA (China - Taiwan - HKG)
Last check : 17 Jun. 2020

Brand: Skyline Instruments
Desk Integrate Tester
Purpose: Adjustable desk strength, containing Center load, load and stability testing
Instruction: This machine is three-in-one integrated testing machines, strength of adjustable desk, contains a center load, load and tester

1 Tong heads: Center next to the loading point-end load-side load stability test
2.Test block size: 300-300mm 200-200mm 200-200mm 100-100mm
3.Load: 200kgs 75kgs 45kgs 45kgs
4.Test Time:24 hours 30 minutes 5 seconds,3min
5. Controller: PLC touch screen control
6. Printing devices: the Chinese micro-print test report
7.Materials:Can be set per office Tong heads
8.Weight: Can be set per office Tong heads

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