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Brand: ATEQ
ATEQ Omicron ADSE 543 Pitot Static Tester - Part Number: ADSE-543

Features and Specifications *

The ATEQ Omircon ADSE-543 Pitot Static Tester consists of a hand-operated vacuum pump, 5 control valves, a hand operated pressure pump, vacuum and pressure gauges, an airspeed indicator and an altimeter. It is portable, self-contained and housed in a plastic carrying case. The ADSE 543 is designed to test aircraft pilot and static systems for leaks as well as the operation and calibration of airspeed, altimeter, manifold pressure indicator, engine pressure ratio, and other vacuum or low pressure units.

Two 25-foot hoses, a pitot mast adapter and a static port adapter kit which enable the user to connect the aircraft pitot and static lines are included in the package.

Ground airspeed indicators testing
Vertical speed indicators testing
Altimeter testing