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Brand: Preston Pressure
PS 525 Portable Digital Pitot-Static Tester with Encoder Reader - Part Number: PS-525

Features and Specifications *

The Preston Pressure PS-525 is a fully portable low-maintenance digital tester. It is perfect for performing simple go/no-go leak tests and for general use as a pitot-static tester. The tester can be used completely independent of any external power source because it is powered by 24 volts DC, or by its two internal re-chargeable batteries.

Dimensions: 12"D x 15"W x 9.5"H
Lightweight - about 20 lbs
Independent Vacuum and Pressure pumps and systems
Displays airspeed in Knots, KPH and MPH to 650 Knots
Altitude is displayed in 1, 2, and 5-feet/1meter increments
Built-in Encoder reader for displaying Gray Code, and RS232: 1200, 2400, 9600 baud
Altitude goes up to 35,000+ feet/10,700 meters
Selectable timing for Leak Check feature in Altimeter and Airspeed modes
Altimeter section includes VSI - Vertical Speed Indicator
Read pressure in inHg, mbar, mmHg, PSIA, and E.P.R.
Specifically designed and priced for non-RVSM use
Removable lid
Powers 12 and 24 Volt encoders