OverMeccanica Complete Tissue Paper Machine with stock prep , 2 rewinders - Price SLASHED down now, must clear space! 2.000 mm 13-35 gsm 45 TPD

Ref : 1732289-2-CP
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : OverMeccanica
Type : Complete Tissue Paper Machine with stock prep , 2 rewinders - Price SLASHED down now, must clear space!
Width : 2.000 mm
Gramages Range ( Gsm ) : 13-35 gsm
Capacity : 45 TPD
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 02 Oct. 2019

Complete Over Meccanica 2.000 mm 45 TPD Tissue Paper Machine with Pressurized Headbox ,
Complete from stock preparation to pope, including two(2) slitter rewinders and ancillary equipment, spare parts

NOW MID SEPT 2019: DECISION TO SLASH DOWN THE PRICE OF ALL COMPLETE.. since urgent, space must be cleared :

machine stopped at end of September 2016,

Manufacturer: Over Meccanica
Year: 1972, continuously updated
Width at Pope: 2000 mm
Grammage (min-max): 13-35 gsm- avg 16 gm
Speed: 1100 m/min (at 16 gsm), 700 m/min (at 35 gsm)
Max Reel diameter at pope: 2500 mm
Capacity: 45 Tons/day
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Machine Description
Pressurized Headbox by Over Meccanica
Pick-up roll
Blend drilled and suction press
Diameter: 721 mm
Table width 2450 mm

Blind drilled press
Diameter: 550 mm
Table width 2380 mm (spare rolls of each)
Gas Hood

2 press on yankee dryers, Yankee dryer with close hood with 2 doctors.
Yankee Cylinder (grooved inside) 217 kW (DC motor)
Diameter 3600 mm
Working pressure 7.5 bar
Table width 2300 mm

Conventional pope reeler with spools
Sectional drive and total power installed
Broke pulper inside of paper machine
Hood fans 170 kW (AC motor)
Reel 37,5 kW (DC motor)
Press 1 122 kW (DC motor)
Press 2 110,5 kW (DC motor)
Wire motor 1 (62,2 kW)
Wire motor 2 47 kW (DC motor)

Stock Preparation for 100% virgin pulp
Conventional pulper:
- in stainless steel with metallic belt conveyor
- capacity 20 m3
- with power installed 250 kW / 991 rpm

HD Cleaner COMER complete width set of valves
Complete set of LD Cleaners
2 Conical Refiners Jylhavaara, power installed 300 – 110 kW (one is conical JC02)
1 disc refiner AGA, power installed 250 kW
2 vibration screens
Complete set of agitators, pumps, pressure pumps and regulation

Approach flow
Vertical screen
Fan pump TURO, power installed 253 kW (AC motor)
Lubrication unit
Pressure Screen before headbox
N°4 Nash vacuum pumps 422 Kw (AC motor)

Accuray QCS
Floatation system for water cleaning and fibre recovery
Perini Rewinder
complete, with 2 belt unwinders
Max finished reel diameter: 1200 mm
Speed: 500 m/min

Recard Rewinder
with 4 belt unwinders (normally 3 in use)
Power installed 112,4 kW
diameter maximum rewind 1500 mm
speed 1000 mm
with 7 knifes installed and calendar
With shafts
Max finished reel diameter: 1550 mm
Speed: 600 m/min

Automatic core cutter machine
Reel wrapping for jumbo rolls FIS

Machine stopped at end of September 2016,
Full set of spare parts (presses, rolls, etc.)

Video available on request