Scheuch slidw 0355-18.5 KW-ls

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Model : slidw 0355-18.5 KW-ls
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EUROPE (Western and Northern)

SCHEUCH DeDust Pro Type slidw 0355-18.5 KW-ls
LIGNO Dedust Pro – deduster with maximum efficiency

Innovative. For the first time, fires can be extinguished by depriving the dust of oxygen.
This unproven technology, used for the first time by Scheuch LIGNO in dust extractors, works effectively, safely and permanently.
Above all, however, it pays off economically, because the operator saves the recurring maintenance costs for extinguishing agents.
– No recurring maintenance and testing costs for extinguishing agents.
– Simple and safe manual release in the event of a fire.
– Safer when stationary because the device is closed at all openings.
– In the event of a fire, the device can be supplied with extinguishing agent from the outside.
– The device can be opened without risk of fire or explosion.

State of the art was a fire extinguishing system consisting of an extinguishing agent, a thermal release and a manual release.
The innovation is an equivalent, recognized fire protection system:
Technically, extinguishing works through oxygen deprivation through the installation of fire protection technology
classified qualifications for all entries and exits. In the event of a fire,
these closures close automatically and prevent the device from switching off thereby further inflow of oxygen.
Secure. The additional installation of a dry extinguishing line allows the device to be supplied with extinguishing agent from the outside in the event of a fire.
As a result, the dust is bound in the device, covered with water in the collection container and soaked.
The device can be opened without risk of fire or explosion
Dust collector can be removed and emptied.
Efficient. The great energy efficiency of the Dedust Pro series is particularly noteworthy.
This efficiency is due to the high air volumes and the high negative pressure that are achieved with these dust collectors.
Dedust Pro sets with it very own standards in this deduster class.
Powerful. With the dedusters in the Dedust Pro series, the performance arrives where it is needed most: on the machine. It does not fizzle out in the deduster.
This guarantees maximum suction power.
Thanks to the innovative pre-separation using the top-down effect, Dedust Pro dedusters set completely new standards, even with large amounts of material.
Reliable. Dedust Pro dust extractors ensure - and this is unique in this device class - safe operation, high performance and constant extraction at the same time. With a maximum
With a raw gas volume of 1.2 m³, continuous cleaning of the filter elements during operation is permissible.
The modern SPS control, which is installed as standard in all dedusters of the Dedust Pro series from NW 250, is also reliable.
Easy handling. In addition, the dedusters can be operated easily and clearly via a colored 7" touch panel.
However, reliability also means that Scheuch LIGNO has not only developed a deduster, but can also offer a large number of practical solutions for material transport and storage.

Technical specifications:
Design: Vacuum deduster
Intake diameter: 355mm
Engine power: 18.5kW
Speed: 2950 rpm
Maximum volume flow: 10200 m3/h (depending on the required negative pressure)
Test volume flow: 7230 m3/h (at 20 m/s at the suction port)
Negative pressure: at least 3600 Pa
Filter area: 57.6 m2
Raw gas volume: ≤ 1.2 m3
Residual dust content: < 0.1 mg / Nm³
Sound pressure max.: approx. 70 dB(A)
Non-return valve: yes
Online cleaning: yes
Extinguishing device: yes, automatically
Degree of protection: IP 54
L x W x H: 3665x1050x3045 mm
Weight: 1345kg
Motor power: 1.5 kW
Drive: Chain drive from sluice to worm
Discharge capacity: 4.8 m³/h

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Location : EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Year(s) : 2017
Location : EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Location : AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
Location : AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)