Schmale durate Length to wide sewing system

Ref : 2469497-1-AW
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Schmale durate
Short Description : Length to wide sewing system
Year(s) : 2004
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 28 Feb. 2023

Consisting of
-Goods infeed, ERHARDT & LEIMER web guide type KF2020, compensator, seam monitor
-Longitudinal hemming device I for zipper insert (RV) in the upper panel, Scheuze ready-made
-Longitudinal hemming device 2 for use of RV lower web, doubling station for cushions via upper and lower web guider make ERHARDT & LEIMER type KF2020,
-Longitudinal hemming device 3 for head seam, zip by means of plate for the purpose of closing LS
-Hose assembly by means of a zipper to be closed at the top/bottom to the hose
-Stamping by means of a heating device/suction into the RV slider to open/close the zipper
-Cross cutter via web guide ERHARDT & LEIMER type KF 2020, repeat deduction and cross cutting device
-Transfer station in the side seam device (transverse) for closing on both sides
-Doubling slide with delivery to 2 collection positions

-suitable and equipped for reversible bed linen
-complete duvet cover
-originally delivered and suitable for the production of pillows
-components for the production of pillows available such as
-optoelectronic cell for the for alignment of goods for pillows
-doubling device for pillows
-label sewing for pillows and duvets
-production of pillows until 2007/2008
-since 2007/2008, unit produces duvets
-Production 8,0 – 9,0 bedding duvets per minute
-in 3 shift production counting 21,5 hrs = appx. 11.610 bedding units
-based of max 16,0 mtr per set in the width of 2,4 mtr = 7-8 units
-complete duvet cover on 16 mtr p/min based on a sewing speed with 3,5 pin prick p/cm = 6.000 pin
pricks based on highest quality
-production speed generally based on unit sizes
-double delivery of goods to 2 outfeed stands for uninterrupted production without machine downtime

Formats minimum 80 x 160 cm
Formats maximum 250 x 240 cm
Production 8 pieces per/min
Sewing machine ELCU SUD
Extension editing in 2006, extension pillows 2006
Reference length from goods width
Reversible bed linen with Top seam
Cover completely sewn
Fabric feeding from palett as well as roll
Fabric storage at the outlet
Label storage
Repeat detection digital printing, function in the past in operation, but no longer used
Confection 100 x 135, 135 x 200, 155 x 220, 240 x 260 cm

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