Schmale durate Length to wide sewing system

Ref : 2469498-1-AW
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Schmale durate
Short Description : Length to wide sewing system
Year(s) : 2009
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 13 Jun. 2023

almost identical to the above, but not designed for the manufacture/sewing of pillows and design
suitable for several qualities, but here in a modernized version

consisting of
-goods infeed, compensator, web guide make SCHMALE DURATE
-Longitudinal hemming device in a shortened version with seam monitor, for hole detection suitable
for Jersey goods
-Longitudinal hemming device for sewing on zip
-Longitudinal hemming device 3 for head seam and zip gathering, not suitable for pillows
-Processing station in an extended version in the course of the goods storage theme for the purpose
avoidance of distortions (aim to use sliders and make zipper usable)
-Cross cutter to repeat length
-Storage on a pallet, goods not sealed on the side (this is done in the Poland plant as an additional
working step because satin twists, resulting in 100% angular bed linen

-Plant the further development of the LAB 1 as EVO 2, consequently the 2nd stage
-more compact version than LAB1
-suitable for solid, smooth qualities such as satin
-suitable and equipped for reversible bed linen
-not suitable for the production of pillows
-higher efficiency as there is no side closer
-in 3 shift production counting 21,5 hrs = appx. 12.000 bedding units
-based of max 16,0 mtr per set in the width of 2,4 mtr = 7-8 units
-complete duvet cover on 16 mtr p/min based on a sewing speed with 3,5 pin prick p/cm = 6.000 pin
pricks based on highest quality
-production speed generally based on unit sizes
-single delivery of goods to 1 outfeed stands for interrupted production with machine downtime

Formats minimum 80 x 140 cm
Formats maximum 260 x 240 cm
Production 8 pieces per/min
Sewing machine ELCU SUD
Reference length from goods width
Cover completely sewn down except seam
Reversible bed linen
Top seam
Fabric feeding from palett as well as roll
Suitable for Jersey
Hole detection and automatic cutting
Repeat detection digital printing,
Confection 100 x 135, 135 x 200, 155 x 220, 240 x 260 cm

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