Sicar Circular saw

Ref : 1885636-15
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Sicar
Model : Circular saw
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
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EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 28 Sep. 2018

Circular saw

Blade diameter
Blade diametermm400 Blade shaft diameter
lade shaft diametermm30Height max. cutting at 90 °
Max cutting height at 90 ° mm130Inclination max. of the blade
Max. Blade tilting 45 ° Height max. cutting at 45 °
Max cutting height at 45 ° mm90 Blade shaft speed
Blade shaft speedsr.p.m4000
6000Indiameter diameter
Diameter of scaring sawmm100Ascrew shaft diameter
Diameter of scoring sawmm22Height max. 90 ° engraving cutter
Max cutting height of scoring blade at 90 ° mm5 Max. engraver
Max. Tilting of scoring table 45 ° Max. 45 ° engraving cutter
Max. Cutting height of scoring blade at 45 ° mm3.5High shaft engraving
Scoring shaft speedsg / min8000Power motor power
Scoring motor powerHp
0.75Dimensions flat floor
Size of fixed tablemm660x1130Height height from the ground
Table heightmm900Dimensions cart
Size of sliding tablemm360x3200Max blade squaring length
Max. Squaring-off length to the blade 3270
Max length of cutting between blade and guide
Max. Cutting width between blade and fencemm1300
Maximum length of squaring from the engraver
Max. Squaring-off length from sliding blademm3270
Auction nozzle diameter
Diameter of suction outletmm120 Net weight
Net weightKg720Engine power
Motor powerHp
4Keys of service
Service wrenches Accessories on request
Accessories en option Motor
7.5 Bright speed display
LED speed display * Standard equipment
Standard accessories Tilt saw and engraver
Tilting main saw and scoring saw