Steinecker Beer Brew Line

Ref : 1770679-7-GO
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Steinecker
Model : -
Short Description : Beer Brew Line
Year(s) : 2002
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 15 Feb. 2018

Manufacturer's type 650 hl/brew, 12 brew / day
Made in year 2002
Capacity Cast output 830 hl wort
Application Complete 830 hl cast output Brewery Equipment
Cast output 830 hl wort
Average brew size 650 hl
Production capacity 12 brew / day
Malt consumption 14200 kg/brew
Beer gravity Up to 21.5 Plato

This is complete beer brew line equipment from mash tun to worth cooler
is made by Steinecker in year 2002.
It has two mash tanks and one rice cooker, lauter tun with spent grain system
and buffer tank, whirlpool filtration with trub tank.

Wort kettle has an internal heater.
The equipment consist of necessary heat exchangers, pumps and other auxiliaries, l
ike CIP station and water plant. Wet malt mill Steinecker Variomill 20.2 (20 ton/h)
with grinded malt pumping system is available as an option to this brew line.

Brew line is controlled by Steinecker made BOTEK control system with Siemens Simatic S7 PLCs.
Brew house was in operation till end of 2015 and all equipment are still installed,
intact and in very good condition.

Mash Production Equipment
1 Two x Steinecker Variomill 20.2, wet type, capacity 2 x 20 t/h with malt hoppers
2 Two x grinded malt pump KSB
3 Mash tun 1 V=680 hl, diameter 5850 mm, made by Steinecker
4 Mash tun 2 V=680 hl, diameter 5850 mm, made by Steinecker
5 Rice cooker, diameter 4250 mm
6 Mash pump KSB Q=340 m3/h

Beer Production Equipment
7 Lauter tun with six inlet valves V=1418 hl, diameter 9500 mm, made by Steinecker
8 Spent grain hopper 200 m3 with a discharge screw capacity 30 m3/h
9 Conveyor for spent grain moving Q=290 kg/h made by Pandorf
10 Spent grain silo 200 m3 made by Steinecker
11 Weak wort tank, horizontal, volume 190 hl, diameter 2350 m
12 Pre Run Vessel, horizontal 1131 hl, diameter 3800 mm
13 Wort pump KSB Q=250 m3/h
14 Lauter worth heater 2500 hl/h made by Schmidt Bretten
15 Wort kettle V=1194 hl, diameter 5800 mm with internal boiler made by Steinecker
16 Wort pump KSB Q=480 m3/h for kettle internal circulation
17 Hob dosing unit with 1200 liter hopper made by Steinecker
18 Wort pump KSB Q=100 m3/h
19 Whirpool with flat bottom V=946 hl diameter 6500 mm, made by Steinecker
20 Trub tank V=85 hl, diameter 2385 mm, insulated made by Steinecker
21 Trub pump KSB Q=40m3/h
22 Worth Cooler 850 hl/h made by Schmidt Bretten
23 Beer aeration station for cold wort, made by Steinecker
28 Transfer pump for cold wort KSB Q=85 m3/h to fermentation tanks

29 Syrup tank
30 Buffer tank for filtrated beer
31 Condensate collection tank
32 Water tank for washing water V=200hl
33 Water pump KSB Q=91 m3/h
34 Buffer tank, horizontal V=1083 hl
35 Automatic CIP line, 3 x 135 hl, tank diameter 2344 mm (caustic, acid and recovered water)
36 Acid dosing station
37 Smooth water tank 220 hl, diameter 2500 mm made by Steinecker
38 Cold water tank t=10C V=1418 hl made by Steinecker
39 Ice water tank t= 3C V=1206 hl made by Steinecker
40 Hot water tank t=80C V=2226 hl made by Steinecker

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