Suzuki NAS-150W 225cm

Ref : 2415718-1-GO
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Suzuki
Model : NAS-150W
Short Description : 225cm
Year(s) : 2012
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
ASIA (North East)
Last check : 09 May. 2022

The latest model developed with higher warp quality and faster warping time will manage for small-lot Short production warp.
Outstanding Features: A big reduction of warping times made possible by free selected number and Plural yarns sampling.
Sample alignment warping as sectional warping machine.
(Multiple Lay warping band) makes quality-up possible.
Wound yarns on drum become Flat surface by belt shift speed control according to the number of ends per band.

Model NAS-150W-2250
Year of Make: 2012 (installed in 2013)
Drum circumference: 7 meters
Warping Width: 2250mm
Maximum Warping Length: 21m - 490m (depending on yarn count and density)
Warping Speed: 300-800m/min.
Warp Density: 5-150 ends per cm
Total No. of Warp ends: 30,000
No. of Bobbins on creel: 16
Wound Yarn Aligning Device: 35mm stroke maximum
Maximum band width: 10mm per 1 band
Leasing Operation: 1 front and 1 back
Wind Tension Control & Yarn Break detector: Accumulators and slide sensors (16 pos)
Operation Switch: LCD Touch Display
Operation Software: Windows (Hardware included)
Beaming Device: Max beam flange dia. 1000mm, max beam barrel 2,750mm length
Power Consumption: 28kW Max.
Voltage: AC 200-220V/60Hz
Option: Cassette type Peg

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