Valmet Tissue paper machine- TAD process 3.600 mm 18 gsm to 30 gsm 120 TPD

Ref : 2488427-2-CP
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Valmet
Type : Tissue paper machine- TAD process
Width : 3.600 mm
Gramages Range ( Gsm ) : 18 gsm to 30 gsm
Capacity : 120 TPD
Year(s) : 1990
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 15 Dec. 2022

Manufacturer: VALMET
– Year of construction: 1989-1990
– Raw material: Virgin cellulose bales + Broke coming from internal production
– Width (paper): 3630 mm
– Max Capacity: 120 ton/day (B.W. 30 gsm on width 3600 mm)

Forming Section: 1400 m/min
– TAD’s/Yankee: 1400 m/min
– Pope Reel: 1400 m/min
– After 1° transfer: 12-13%
– After 2° transfer: 26-27%
– After: TADs: 83-85%
– After Yankee Dryer: 97-98%

Maximum drawing speeds:
Actual production speed: 900 – 1250 m/min, depends on paper type to be produced
Sheet Dryness (%)
Average Overall Electric consumption: around 8 MWh
Average Overall Gas consumption: 2000 m3/h
The machine is fully functional, it produced about 20,000 tons in 2021, at the moment the width
is set up at 2800 mm and we produce paper from 2560 mm width (shipping on container) to
2700 mm width (shipment by truck)
Paper type: BT (bath tissue) and/or KT (kitchen towel)
Reel basis weight: from 18 gsm to 30 gsm
Reel Diameter: max 2400 mm
Paper grades: HB (high bulk) caliper range from 2,7 to 4,1mm/12ply or LB (low bulk) caliper
range from 2,3 to 2,7 mm/12ply

- About TAD process:
TAD process is a high efficiency, low
energy consumption and high production volume.
- In North America and Western Europe consumers value premium or ultra-premium products
For top ultra-premium products: the softness and bulk of its ultra-bath tissue and the absorbency of the premium towel TAD technology spans the entire product range from the finest Ultra-Premium bath to
industrial wipes with furnishes from all virgin to all recycled.

- TAD process delivers a product that is softer and more absorbent than is possible with conventional technology.
TAD removes water by vacuum and then by hot air through the sheet, producing a high bulk fully structured sheet. A distinctive pattern is then imparted to the sheet by the TAD Fabric as it passes over a molding box and is then
transferred and registered to the Yankee dryer to produce a soft, flexible and bulky product.

- upon request: pdf Valmet about Tissue TAD white tissue paper technology

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