W&H ( Windmöller & Hölscher ) Olympia 900 FLEXO printing Machine 6 +1 col. permanently modernized and serviced 1620 mm web

Ref : 1961978-4-CP
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : W&H ( Windmöller & Hölscher )
Model : Olympia 900 FLEXO printing Machine 6 +1 col. permanently modernized and serviced
Size : 1620 mm web
Year(s) : 1977
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)

Very good and attractively priced Windmöller & Hölscher Olympia 900 FLEXO printing Machine 6 col.
year of manufacture 1977 - permanently modernized and serviced
can be inspected in operation
in Germany.

- 6 printing units, stack type
- 1 print unit for reverse side print

- Winding can be done with rotative roll winding modul, cores 76 mm.
Max roll diameter 100 cm or alternatively direct rolling of the counter rolls, up to 23 cm roll diameter, on core 50 mm.

The press can be run alternatively with or without doctor blades.
Mechanical speed up to 300 m/min.
Modul 3,18 = gear – separation 10 mm.

The press runs only in 1-shift and is in a very good shape.

The press can be seen in full production in the factory
The press is used for the print of films and paper, mainly for the production of gift wrap. There are a lot of spare parts that come with the press.
The press is equipped with conventional electrical controls. All electrical parts are standards that are available worldwide.
The supply of spare parts is guaranteed by the manufacturer Windmöller & Hölscher.
- web width max. 162 cm
- printing width max. 160 cm
- printing length 45 – 120 cm
- mechanical. speed max. 300 m/min
- unwind diameter max. 100 cm
- diameter max. 100 cm

-Materials: paper 25 – 200 g/m²
LD-Polyäthylen PE-LD( min. 120 cm) min. 0,050 mm
HD-Polyäthylen PE-HD min. 0,040 mm

- space requirements length approx. 18,0 m , Width incl.
work space (without switch cabinet) 5 m
height approx. 5,4 m
net weight approx. 53.000 kg

- electrical consumption motor engins 135 kW
water 5 – 20 Liter/min
fresh air max. 2.330.000 kJ (554.750 kcal/h)
air pressure approx. 40 Liter/min

basic unit press
racks for unwinding and rewinding systems
bridge between the racks
system for general lift of the print cylinders
system for the continous run of the ink transport cylinders
register setting
combined setting of print cylinder and anilox cylinder
gear box to ungear individual colour decks
4 web tear detectors
3 lamps, scale