Weber CCS 404 MLC Computer Slicer with cpl. weighing Line

Ref : 2448700-7-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Weber
Model : CCS 404 MLC
Short Description : Computer Slicer with cpl. weighing Line
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 13 Dec. 2023

Used slicing line, fully reconditioned

adjustable thickness of 0,1 to 50 mm
Knife head MKF
Circular knifehead HSK 98

Slicing throat SST
adjustable in width up to 330 mm.
Slicing throat, standard,
height fixed at 120 mm.

Sensor for identification of beginning of product PAS
A photo eye is mounted in the product feed area to identify
the beginning or front of the product.

Loading BEL
Loading arm for lifting the products from a horizontal position to the
feeding level.
Max. product length approx. 1,100 mm.
With automatic loading.
With a timing belt connected in series, length approx. 1,000 mm.
Product width max. 330 mm.

Checkweigher WEB 99 LC, CCW-100
Digital weighing system with transport speed up to 1,000 mm/s.
Checkweigher completely made of stainless steel.

Mono checkweigher standard,
weighing-table length approx. 485 mm, width approx. 375 mm,
capacity up to max. 90 weight measurements/minute
(depending on portions)
max. portion weight 1,000 g,
resolution (precision and display +/- 1 g)
weighing-table with round belts.

Marking Conveyor CMB-100
Stand-alone stainless steel marking conveyor
to mark off-weight portions.
Lateral displacement 50 mm
Conveyor length 400 mm
Conveyor width 420 mm

Transport conveyor CCE-LC
Moveable transport conveyor; light version.
Conveyor to transport the portions from the Slicer to the packaging machine.
The conveyor belt can be easily removed from the belt frame without using any
tools. The transport speed is controlled by the Slicer.
Belt width 420 mm

The height of the transport conveyor (upper edge) can be set to
1,100 mm
1,200 mm
1,300 mm
above the floor.
Length of transport conveyor, including spanner, approx. 2,100 mm.

Additional increase of the feet SFE
The increase mainly consists of spacers in order to
equal irregularities of the floor.
For Slicer model MLC.

1 Pc. Slicing bar SKE
Standard execution
Slicing bar horizontal, straight

2 Pcs. Downholder NH
Downholder, pneumatic execution
Execution with rod.

1 Pc. Weber circular knife WKM
without teeth
coated, without coated cutting edge.
Diameter 460 mm

1 blade guard for Weber circular knife
for weber circular knife of diameter 460 mm

1 Pc. Automatic product grippers APR
for product width from 181 up to 200 mm
for product height from 81 up to 100 mm
for meat and sausage products

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Location : EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Location : EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Location : EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Year(s) : 2000