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ZEISS Humphrey 740i Field Analyzer / HFA II-i Visual Field Analyzer 5.0 SOFTWARE
Condition: Refurbished


The I Series Visual Field Analyzer Machine can be networked easily to other computers and select diagnostic tools. Our systems are sold fully refurbished, inspected, and include the Zeiss table with all peripherals.

The 740i can create threshold visual fields in as little as two minutes, making it one of the fastest perimeters on the market today. It is also an instrumental device for early Glaucoma detection using Blue-Yellow perimetry (Blue-Yellow perimetry has been shown to provide earlier detection of glaucomatous visual field loss.) On top of being fast and effective, it is extremely operator friendly. One of the most favored accessories for the 740i is the touch screen with on-screenmenus. This greatly simplifies and expedites instrument operations like no other perimetry unit available.

Monitoring and Tracking with the 740i:

Head tracking: proper alignment of the head and eye relative to the trial lens holder
Gaze tracking: fixation tracking system that records if patient is fixating properly while each stimulus is offered
Vertex monitoring: distance between two corneal reflexes to determine if the patient has moved too far back from the trial lens
Video eye monitoring: helps position the test eye in the center of the trial lens holder and monitor the patient during testing

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