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Textile and Leather Machinery

  Buy and sell textile machines, garment and
making up machines, textile factory equipment ...

today, 87 259 machines available
1874049_c792d6ab215acbad2a25747d37fd0a3b 1 Ssm  Winding, PSF 428

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1636802_9789b83f1cebcd652cf5ac87a47a9f0b 1 Rieter  Complete spinning & weaving 1773295_ba8820f87a33ec7bae818f030560fc79 1 Dornier  PTV6/S, 210cm, Staubli dobby 2670 1879783_b64292481f43f78422fda8f29723518e 20 Unknown  Rolls of leather and / or leather look., various materials and colors, o.a. Back21, roll width approximately 140-145cm, everything on / including 1 transport box.
1879777_2f8a3df6744fd636e6d43cce8a8c6adc 1 Unknown  Belts / straps / cords, various models, colors, qualities, everything on / including 16 pallets 1879770_66f71fc423442502252978bc6dd340e1 36 Unknown  Plates leather taupe, on pallet, various sizes, it concerns a natural product, shapes and dimensions may differ from the top one on the picture, including several strips of the same material / color, all on / including 1 pallet. 1879768_ed1747592e5d5bbf16f3896ad70a4870 1 Unknown  Cloth / leather / imitation leather / napa leather / leather look / etc, everything on 64 rolls, everything is in / on 2 double heavy load position, delivery without the statement

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