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1869181_36af4be4e0b3ac3fa3557d73bca5125f 1 Martin  T-72, format circular saw with electric saw tilt mechanism, digital readout, saw blade minimum diameter 200mm, maximum: 450mm, 3 spindle speeds: 2800-4000-5500 rpm, fixed table size: 1300x 430 and 2000x400mm, long running table size: 3700x400mm

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1869175_80dd9c283a97c15506bdcc1cab2d5263 1 Unknown  Double-sided 5-axis pin bank. 1869159_0a38d015164f0203dc0cc3cabeaaca5a 1 Celaschi  6-assige Alleskönner, NB, working width of: 900-3000mm, max.discharge height: + \ - 120mm, feed-through conveyor belt dim. 2x 2500x80mm, left side sawing unit 1 + 2: Y-displacement: 550mm, Z-displacement: 300mm, N = 3000-6000, right-hand side sawing unit 1869147_756a3f63896b42e8ea8c1d312af363ff 1 Holzma  HPP23 / X / 38/22 / L, CNC controlled plate sawing machine with automatic display magazine
1864554_de3f5221ea17fffc05ff81c044808799 Costa Levigatrici  S3 TT 1350 1863954_87e23d9746c2cef59ab0e562820163fe 1 Robland  Z320, Format Saw, 380 volts, v.v. saw shaft, tiltable 45 °, zipper saw preparation with trailing table, longitudinally adjusted longitudinal guide, max. Condition: width 138 cm 1863953_239379cbb9ff4bfa2a715fcc472f95c8 1 Kolle  F45, Table milling machine, 380 volts, left-hand run, adjustable speed, tiltable milling shaft, Aigmer lineal guide Kolzer, 4- axle feeder

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