1 Beloit

Paper Machine, 4000mm deckle, coated sheets 90-150 gsm & reel papers 50-100 gsm , 475 TPD

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REF. 70107-2
BRAND Beloit
Type Paper Machine
Width ( Inch, mm ) 4000mm deckle WI
Gramages range ( GSM ) coated sheets 90-150 gsm & reel papers 50-100 gsm
Capacity ( TPD ) 475 TPD
YEAR Before 1980, 1989, 2007
LOCATION Seller or Machines location:
EUROPE Western and Northern
LAST CHECK 14 Jun. 2010
Paper Machine, 4000mm deckle, coated sheets 90-150 gsm & reel papers 50-100 gsm , 475 TPD

Paper machine 4000 mm deckle, wire section and former is a 1974 Beloit BEL-BAIE with two wires,
flowbox is a stainless Converflow year 1992 with 38 positioners,
width of slice 4370mm,
design speed 850 m/min at 40 gsm.
This is a basement machine with drive on the right from the flowbox.
Wire one has length 15.55m and width 4550mm and wire two has length 15.56m and width 4550mm.
Production: coated sheets and reel papers.
Output production: 475 t/day. 1989, 1999 and 2007 rebuilds.
Machine is equipped with high speed cameras.

Range 50 to 100gsm on current papers produced.

Fully coated range of papers: 90 to 150gsm.

Speed range: 400 to 800 m/min on current papers.


Suction pick up roll to combi press.

Press loadings are:

1 65 Kn/m

2 75 Kn/m

3 35 Kn/m(smoothing press)



Black Clawson dryers from 1960 and Beloit cylinders from 1974 with A/F bearings, auto central lubrication system, internal gears in framing, sectional electric drive, Thune auto felt guides, bolted cylinder ends, internal scoops, auto felt tensioning, diameter 1500mm, thermo compressors in system.

First section operating at 3 bar pressure.

Second section operating at 3 bar pressure.

Third section operating 3 bar pressure.

Fourth section 3.5 bar pressure.

Precoater, fifth dryer section and draw press

Voith speedcoater, year 2000, scanner from Honeywell (2003) positioned before coater, infra red dryer after precoater with 28 zones crossmachine moisture control, under machine pulper.

Fifth section 3.2 bar pressure.

A draw press is placed before the first top coater. Crossmachine caliper control with 54 zones (heating the roll). The crown of the küster roll and the edge load are controlled by the computer.

Topcoater, sixth and seventh dryer section softcalender and pope

Jagenberg blade coater 1 with gas infra red dryer and air float dryer, scanner from Honeywell (2003) after each coater. Crossmachine coat control by Honeywells Procoat (54 zones-2003).

Sixth section: 3.2 bar pressure.

Jagenberg blade coater 2 with gas infra red dryers and air float dryer, scanner from Honeywell (2003) after each coater. Cross machine coat control by Honeywells Procoat (54 zones-2003).

Seventh section: 3.2 bar pressure.

Tail transfer from last cylinder to pope by Metso Foilforce system (2005).

Softcalender and pope

UMV tandem soft nip calendar: each set of two rolls comprising heated roll and Küster roll.

Cross machine scanner for measuring gsm, profile, moisture, calliper and ash.

UMV horizontal reel up with multi reel shell storage and reel shell accelerator.

Two overhead cranes for wire/ roll changes and reel changes: 20 ton capacity.

Finished reels go to basement for rewinding.


Dry end pulper Beloit Shark 44” with side entry agitator

Hydraulic system for soft nip tandem calendar and draw press

Compressor model CD12

Coating tanks with pumps for top coater

Coating tanks with pumps for pre coater

Beloit stainless Shark 44”pulper with side entry agitator below draw press

Beloit stainless Tampella pulper with side entry agitator below precoater

Beloit stainless two Integral 36” Walmsley pulper with side entry agitator below central roll, press section

Beloit stainless two Integral 30” Walmsley pulper with side entry agitator below couch pit

Vertical tank (Perivac Noss) for air removal from stock

Vertical tank for air removal from stock

Vacuum pumps

Nash 2002

Sulzer Sugpress RC3A4N

Nash 2002

Nash 2002

Nash 181-80-SO6

Nash 181-80-SO6

Nash 9002

Nash 9001

Nash 702

Nash 2001


Jagenberg winder model 58-15 Vari flex, 4300mm width, year 1997, shaft unwind with brake generator 110 kw and shaftless rewind with twin motor drives, tail tape feed, auto core feed, auto set 14 slitters of Autotrim Rollteck manufacture installed 1989 and the control system was changed in 2007, roll diameter in and out 1500mm, speed 1830 m/min.


Chests: hardwood and softwood, stainless steel with side entry agitators,

located in the rolls store, of recent manufacture.

Concrete chests for hardwood with Walmsley side entry agitators.

Concrete chest for softwood with Walmsley side entry agitators

Pump for CTMP located at three concrete chests with Walmsley side entry agitators.

Refiners for PM6 are:

Two Beloit 34” 4000 series for softwood

Hardwood refiners: one Beloit 34” 4000 series rebuilt to multidisc 1999 and a JCO3

CTMP passes via two Celwood Grubbens deflakers

Blending chest: stainless with side entry agitator with drive via a horizontal belt.

Concrete machine chests with Walmsley agitators.

Wire pit pump: Ahlstrom

Cleaners: Celleco LD type cleanpac in six stages. First 112 cleaners, second stage 48 cleaners, third stage 15 cleaners, stage five 2 cleaners

Rejects treated with an Autrex screen model CD700 110/110 to recover clay.

Voith stainless pressure screen with V belt drive model 31 , slotted basket.

Rejects to a secondary screen GLV/ Jonsson vibrating screen model V2.

Rejects from secondary screen goes to a Tampella vibrating screen.

System has three Valmet pressure screens no longer in use. Year of manufacture 1997. These screens are painted blue.

From uncoated broke chest stock goes to two Esher Wyess model E2K deflakers and finally to a blend chest.


Tank for hardwood retention agent EKA NP442

One chests with conical bases for uncoated broke for PM6.


Chest for wire pit with Walmsley side entry agitator 36-10-820

Beloit Polydisc filter with stainless covered discs, full cover with variable speed drive, 12 discs fitted with additional spaces for further discs, internal showers, year 1974 and rebuilt 2004. Sweetner stock addition and unit operates on natural vacuum leg.

Redundant filter in stainless steel which was used for shower water.

Cloudy filter chest, concrete.

Concrete chest for clean filtrate, pumps for clean water next to the system or two combined towers (600 and 700 m³) at the rear of the building.

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