1 Maquisac

BOTTOMER + FLEXO 2 col. , visible in production

REF. 1818552-2
BRAND Maquisac
Type BOTTOMER + FLEXO 2 col. , visible in production
YEAR 1996, 2010
LOCATION Seller or Machines location:
EUROPE Western and Northern
LAST CHECK 18 May. 2018
BOTTOMER + FLEXO 2 col. , visible in production

MAQUISAC BOTTOMER + FLEXO (Printers bottom caps: 2 colours on both sides)

Year of construction: 1996 (Reconditioned in 2010)

Visible in production and immediately available

Production capacity: 100 Sacks / min. (depending on measurements of the bag)

Drive: 15 HP motor with frequency inverter.

Tube length: 55 - 100 cm

Finished bag length: Bag with valve 84 cm, open bag 92 cm. (Bottom of 12 cm)

Width of the bag: 34 - 60 cm

Bottom width: 09 - 12 cm

L. between bottoms centres: 34 cm

Bag drag: 30 x 5 mm Flat Belts Habasit

Feeder: 8-valve rotary with two 3 HP BUSH vacuum pumps

Alignment table: Tube alignment table with misaligned pipes evacuator.

Pre-marking bottom: On both sides

Drilling station: On both sides

Tube opening stations: On both sides with the same vacuum pump.

Valve stations: On both sides

Bottoms formats: On both sides

Bottom cap applicators: On both sides

Printers bottom caps: 2 colours on both sides

Glue pump : Membrane pneumatic

Bag presser : Band type

Packetized : MAQUISAC controlled electric and pneumatically with selector number of bags per package

Support reels of bottom caps and valves revolver type (quick change) Diameter of reels for valves and bottoms cap 1,200 mm. Electric cabinet with: Connections and protections of all engines Controls Shutting Speed bag/minute wiewfinder Digital bag totalizer

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