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Model : 2630
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EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 15 Aug. 2013

Brand : Carnitech
Model : 2630
Deheading Machine

* This Carnitech 2630 is in excellent condition.
* The machine is from 2006 and is always well maintained.
* The machine was until recently still in production.

* The CT 2630 was introduced in 2003, and in many ways it similar to the 2611.
* But the main difference with the 2611 is the combination of band round knives and blades,
which making it one of the most profitable solution on the fillet market today.
* More than 100 machines have been sold since 2003.
* The 2630 can be connected to the automatic deheading
CT machine 2620, with automatic feeding of the deheader.

* CT 2630
- Due to the combination of band knives and circular knives CT 2630 covers the fillets very carefully.
- The band knives automatically adjust to the size and shape of the fish and the circular knives
to make sure that the cut is made as close as possible to the backbone of the fish as possible.
* A clean cut with the maximum achieved yield.

* Quick adjustment :
- The Marel filleting machines time-consuming adjustment is avoided.
- It is not necessary to stop the plant re-adjust the fish one format to another.
- By simple adjustment of the valve the pressure, the machine automatically cuts the required type fillet

* Flexible Filleting :
- The Marel filleting machines are extremely flexible.
- They are perfect for the most common types of salmon and trout.
- The machines can be adapted Fishing between 2 and 7 kg,
and they are capable of running different finishes according to individual customer requirements.

* Easy to clean :
- The open construction of the filleting machine makes cleaning considerably easier.
- At the back of the unit can two access doors, so that the blade band can be replaced,
and all of the components efficiently cleaned.
- Silencers make it easy to open for cleaning inside the cabinet and maintenance.
- All parts of the machine are made of stainless steel and other FDA approved materials.

* Easy to install :
- Filleting machine is small-dimensional and easy to install even in small production areas.
- It has an integrated compressor, a dryer and a control system which installation easier.
- The low energy and water consumption are other benefits that meet the requirements
of enviromentally correct processing in the fisheries sector

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Location : AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
Location : AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
Location : EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Location : EUROPE (Western and Northern)