Becketts Crawford Pinner

Ref : 323154-7-MT
Condition : New
Manufacturer : Becketts
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Short Description : Crawford Pinner
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EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 23 Aug. 2019

Brand : Becketts
Crawford Pinner

* TheCrawford Pinner is a cross-pinner with two pairs of pinning rollers at right angles to each other to give improved crumb structure
in dough and reduced shrinkage in pastry
* It is suitable for round pinned products up to 8"diameter.
* Originally envisaged as a teacake or oven bottom pinner it is now primarily used to produce pastry circles for pies and pasties.
* The dough piece is transported by a roller or belt conveyor to the first pair of adjustable pinning rollers,
it is then flipped and taken at 90° through the second pair of adjustable rollers
* By adjusting the roller gap circles or oval shapes can be produced.