Isve ESC

Ref : 2374077-15-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Isve
Model : ESC
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)

Vacuum drying chamber ISVE ESC jun. 5
Container inside dimensions 5350 x 700 x 850 mm LWH
Net stacking volume approx. 0,7 m3
8 pieces of aluminum heating plates 5000 x 550 mm
Vacutronic control
Vacuum pump flow rate 25 m3 / h
Final pressure (ABS) 20 mabr
1400 RPM

Electrically heated by heating plates that are inserted between layers of wood.
Lid opens pneumatically from above, saving 50% space
Patented rapid vacuum drying at low temperatures enables water to evaporate
without sudden drops in temperature, which means that the surface remains permanently moist, which prevents wood cracks from forming.
The constant degree of humidity in the drying room and wood is obtained by means of a condenser,
and is set by means of probes on heating and condensation circuits, as well as in the wood.
The wood moisture is constantly withdrawn from the core to the surface and then evaporates completely.
The condensation water formed is periodically drained to the outside.
This drying process results in the following advantages, among others:
- Rapid drying at low temperatures and low energy consumption
- Flawless results (no wood cracks, discoloration and deformation)
- Fast drying of large cross-sections see brochure
- Low operating and maintenance costs

Transport dimensions approx. Mm 5900 x 1100 x 1200 mm LWH
Weight approx. 1200 kg

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Location : EUROPE (Western and Northern)
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