Klett Cobra A120-162

Ref : 1961527-4-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Klett
Model : Cobra A120-162
Year(s) : 2003
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 01 Mar. 2019

Speed : 1950 / H
Max. sheet size : 1620mm x 1200mm
Max theoretical speed 1950/hour

• Insert with 6 suction heads
• Stripping station with duplex stripping
• Automatic non-stop delivery
• Punching pressure: 400 T
• Material: Corrugated board of 1.5-8mm, E / B / A and AB shaft
• Operating hours: 7327 hours
• Cutting die with Centerline II
• Quick Tensioning
• Pneumatic tool safety
• Counter-punching sheet 35 Hrc
• The counter-punching sheet is a wearing part
• The existing plate is sufficient for about 40 thousand sheets
• Gripper edge adjustment Re and Li
• Print image adaptation to punching form
• arc initiation
• Photocells - arc monitoring
• arch liner
• insert function
• Precision of the gripper sheets is secured by 2 bolts Re and Li
• Cutting knife setting by sprocket and precision wedges (so-called punching pressure)
• Pre-programmed tool change at the touch of a button
• Quick change with the help of quick release device
• Mobile waste cart
• Adjustable photocells
• Pay attention to the precision and the symmetry when making the stripping tools
• Billboard and counter plate with pneumatic quick-release system
• Package tray with non-stop function
• Sheet collecting when changing by pneumatic cylinder
• Lateral aligners are to be set to the sheet format
• Package height up to max. 300 mm
• Photocell monitoring for multiple benefits
• The non stop function is used for the continuous punching process
• The packages are automatically transported from the punch to the staff
• modern Mitsubishi PLC control
• Hi Tec touch display