KM Mark 5 Fish Gutting Machine

Ref : 1796646-7-GO
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : KM
Model : Mark 5
Short Description : Fish Gutting Machine
Year(s) : 2001
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 18 Jul. 2019

KM Machinery Mark 5 Gutting machine for cod, saithe, haddock whiting and hake.
Manufactured year: 2001
Condition: Good, working

Mark 5 Fish Gutting Machine elaborated for gutting fish such as cod, saithe,
haddock, whiting and hake on board trawlers as well as in land-based factories.
The fish are placed continuously in the feeding chamber, where a conveyor belt
with catches transports the fish through a positional system of guiding plates
to the gutting chamber. The rotating knife cuts the fish as required.

After having been cut, the fish pass a rotating nylon brush and water sprays
which remove the last entrails.

The gutted fish are led to the outlet end for further transportation.
This one KM Mark 5 used to gut cod, saithe, haddock whiting and hake.
Capacity: 40 fish per minute
Size of gutting fish 30-75 cm
Power: 3 kW
Hydraulic: 30 liters per minute at 110 bar
Water consumption: 3 - 4 m3 at pressure with 3,5 bar
Weight: approx. 370 kg