Krones Filling Line

Ref : 1769595-5-GO
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Krones
Model : Filling Line
Year(s) : 2000
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 14 Feb. 2018

Manufacturer's type One way glass
Made in year 2000
Capacity 54000 bph
Application Glass Bottle Filling Line for beer

Complete line for bottling beer, carbonated and non carbonated soft drinks
in one way glass bottles at nominal capacity of 54 000 bph.
It was delivered by Krones in year 2000 and it was in operation till 2015
and is currently installed and powered.
Equipment is very well maintaned and it has a complete techncial documentation in English.

Main Characteristics
- Capacity 54 000 bph at 0.33 liter bottles
- Made by Krones in year 2000, in operation till 2015 still installed
- Bottle volumes 275, 330 ml and earlier also 660 ml bottles
- Total operating hours approx 70.000
- One way line for new glass bottles
- Secondary packaging Kisters wraparound packer and KHS Innopac WSP A-M combi packer
- Operation controls made with Siemens Simatic S7 PLC system
- Overall line efficiency 75 %
List of main equipment:
1. Empty bottle pallet transport conveyor system, Kensal, year 2010
2. Empty bottle depalletiser, Kettner Pressant Universal
- Capacity 100 pallets / hour
- Layer interleave removal device
- Empty pallet stacking device, type 454, model LPMT with max 15 pallet magazine
- Empty pallet transport conveyor system
3. Empty bottle transport conveyors (mass flow), Krones
4. Empty bottle transport conveyors/reject lane (single file), Krones
5. Zero pressure single filer, Krones
6. Empty bottle inspector Krones Linatronic
7. Filler monobloc (rinser-filler-capper) Krones MECAFILL VK(2V)CF
- short tube filling system for beer and soft drinks with double pre-evacuation before filling
- 132 filling valves, two Maxicrown (year 2007) 26 capping stations, one for crown and one for twist off caps
- Maxicrown cap feeding system
- Inbuilt monoblock CIP system
- Valve block with buffer tank
- Change parts for all bottles sizes
8. Full bottle transport conveyor system (filler - pasteuriser), Krones
9. Full bottle inspector Krones Checkmat type 707 with Swing-push rejection
10. Tunnel pasteuriser, Sander Hansen PB 17.9-504-42, machine number 622
- It has 7 zones total, 4 pasteurization and 3 regerative zones
- Total process area 240 m2
- The pasteurizer was refurbished one year ago and it has new Martahoon Plastic betls and new gear drives.
11. Full bottle transport conveyor system (pasteuriser - labellers), Krones
12. Two Bottle driers (Air knives)
13. Two Labelers Krones SOLOMATIC 018-G88
- Combined output between 54.000 bph
- Cold Glue system, both with two label stations for ready cut paper labels
- Rotation L-R and R-L (oposite directions)
- Inbuilt NO-LABEL checking and rejecting system
- Bottle handling change parts and storage racks for parts
14. Bottle marking system with
- Two Videojet Inc Date coders, model XL 170i UHS AF (one for each labeler)
- Two Domino Lazer marker, model DPX1500 Digital (one for each labeler)
- Two Domino digital coder 3, model DDC3L, year 2010 (one for each labeler)
15. Two Label Inspectors, Krones Checkmat type 707 (one for each line)
16. Full bottle transport conveyor system (labelers - Kisters) incl. labeler reject conveyor
17. Wraparound packer KHS Kisters Innopac WP 070V, year 2005, 70 cycle per min, various configurations with automatic carton feeding system
18. Full bottle transport conveyor system (feeding loose bottles to Kister combi)
19. KHS combi packer, type Innopac WSP A-M, year 2011, machine number K-89403431- 000100, max 58 cycles/min, with automatic carton feeding system
20. Two finished pack coders, type Videojet
21. Two Lock & Pop device made by Nordson, in year 2010
22. Finished pack transport conveyors
23. Finished pack transport spiral elevator made by Ambaflex in 2000
24. Related electrical control and MCC panels

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