Marel ITM-F2 Trim Machine

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Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Marel
Model : ITM-F2
Short Description : Trim Machine
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EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 15 Aug. 2013

Brand : Marel
Model : ITM-F2
Trim Machine

* Marel’s ITM2 Trimming Robot is the ideal solution for high-value salmon trimming.
* It can work more quickly, reliably and consistently than a master trimmer working at peak performance –
but can do so continuously, all day long.

- Trims 25 fish per minute
- Save labor
- Built in 2008

* The ITM2 Trim Robot is the new, second-generation of automatic trim Marel machines.
* The ITM2 trim Robot is the ideal solution for high-quality trimming the fillets into predefined categories.
* With its advanced color sensing technology automatically evaluates each fillet for trimming
and calculates the most economic cut configuration based on weight, shape and / or color grade.
* This allows for a high precision, and makes the whole process more efficient and productive.

* The main advantage of a ITM2 Trim Robot compared with conventional manual trimming,
that the ITM2 will do what the master trimmer when working at peak performance - but does this constantly, all day long.
* The ITM2 Trim Robot delivers process for a uniform and consistent trim,
even during longer periods. high performance trimming improves yield.
* Period the main factors in the use of a ITM2 Trimming Robot, in comparison with manual trimming, are as follows:

- Constant quality and yield
- Reduced labor costs and high reliability,
* The ITM2 trim Robot is designed as part of an integrated Marel salmon processing solution that includes filleting machine,
pre-and post-trim, followed by a gasket grader.

* In combination with Marel INNOVA yield monitoring software, the integrated salmon processing system is extremely powerful.
* It provides a new dimension of the management of the revenues and production value.
* Due to the carefully monitor the raw material used in each process step, the processor is able to optimize, taken both the use
and the quality into consideration, as well as a real time overview of the productivity and the uptime proceeds. system.

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