Mitek M3 Saw

Ref : 2501251-15-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Mitek
Model : M3
Short Description : Saw
Year(s) : 2011
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)

Characteristics of the chainsaw saw:
- Single blade of 500 mm on robotic arms unfolding in height, length and depth and reclining.
- Everything is managed via a man / touch machine interface which ensures a sorting and optimization of the cuts.
- Ensemble fully confined in a box to minimize dust and noise.
- Motorized charging chain for wood up to 6.50 meters
- loading input table with scanned travel pliers
- Automatic parts supply, automatic advance, postage cut
- Long cuts thanks to the synchronized displacement of the blade pusher
- Second digitized wood outlet pliers
- inkjet marking at output
- Output table with automatic ejection on support arms
- Protective fees
- Recovery of waste by wide carpet under the blade
- Waste elevation grasshopper for dumplin
- control and programming desk on touch and color pc
- Import of files in .btl format
- Independent ink jet head programming desk
- Complete corer and CE standards
- Mini wooden section: 30 x 50 mm
- Maxi of the wood section: 80 x 300 mm or 80 x 260 mm (depending on the speed)
- Wood length: between 2000 mm and 6500 mm

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