Ref : 2497681-4-AW
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : MKW
Model : TRANS UT16-B3-GS+SFT350+T20
Year(s) : 2011
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)

1st machine: Collator
Reconditioned: - Refurbished by MKW in 2022
Stations: - 16 stations
Hand feeding:
- Hand-feed station LEFT incl. autom. station-control for error control
- Possibility of hand feeding on the right side
- max. 35,0 x 50,0 cm
- min. 10,0 x 14,0 cm
Material weight: - up to 1.000 g/qm
Stack height: - max. 70 cm
Options: - Single sheets, folded layers, cardboard, plastic films, ...
Pusher: - Foldable, patented driver pins
Tandem function: - Tandem-Funktion 2:1

Station handling:
- Dynamic station selection for optimized job preloading
- Automatic switching on/off of selected stations
- Inserting-function at any station possible
- Alternating insert function at any station possible
- Alternating cardboard function at any station possible

- Electronic machine control by IPC
- High-quality 15-inch color display for safe, clear operator guidance
- Delivery control system for criss-cross delivery with adjustable set interval

- Self-measuring double-sheet control per station
- Missing and double sheet control with IR sensor
- Missing- and double-sheet control parametrizable by terminal
- Automatic repetition in case of missing sheet
- Paper jam control for transport table

Power save:
- Energy saving system with automatic switching on/off of all drives
- Automatic activation and deactivation of the required pumps
Special program:
1.) - Block or pool program for special packaging
- >> Programming for special block configuration
2.) - Repeat function
- >> Multiple collating function
3.) - Calendar splitting function
- >> Splitting of calendar or splitting of any sets
Sucker: - Adjustable suction cups for optimal paper pick-up

Blast air:
- Air blast mechanism with dosing automatic front blowers
- Height-adjustable side blowers with adjustable blowing air
- Blowing air device with metered, expanded air
- Controlled blowing air per work cycle
- Integrated blown air reservoir over the machine frame

- Preset counter for intermediate stop, number of sets and stop time
- Edition counter with automatic empty travels of the transport table
- Total counter to display the total mileage
- Maintenance counter indicating the service intervals
- Special function counter with possible combinations

- Speed display infinitely variable
- Delivery control system for criss-cross delivery with adjustable set interval
- Ejector unit inclusive additional station at the delivery
- Integrated delivery jogger system with jogger S3
- Control of the delivery rollers
Weight: - 3,000 kg

2nd machine: Stitching and folding unit MKW TRANS SFT 350
Open format max. 35,0 x 50,0 cm
Open format min. 10,0 x 14,0 cm
Function levels:
- Motorized-Format-Adjustment, automatic PC-controlled
- Automatic format adjustment for front trimming
- Automatic format adjustment for machine frames
- Motorized quick format adjustment for paper guidance
- High endurance of knifes by DURITAN®-knifes
- Knife change user-friendly and fast
- Stitching extendable to 6 stitcher heads for spine stitching
- Easy adjustment for head stitching
- Single chopper fold with adjustable folding rollers
- Adjustable folding rollers with pressing mechanism
- Adjustable pressing mechanism by rollers
- Front trimming unit with 6,0 cm minimum format
- Text display for operation and monitoring

- Jam control unit safeguarding the trimming unit
- Control unit for stitcher staples, 4-up
- Multi-speed funktion with speed-control regulation
- Speed control for pulse frequency
- Speed control for product transport
Delivery: - Brochure delivery with electronic adjustable stack separation
Power save: - Energy saving system with automatic switching on/off of all drives
Weight: - 1,000 kg
3rd machine: Head and foot cut device MKW - TRANS T 20
Model: - MKW Trans T 20
- Brochure format: max. = 35.0 x 25.0 cm
- Brochure format: min. = 10,0 x 6,0 cm
- Ideal follow-up machine inline to the MKW SFT 350
- Double-trimmer for brochure production
- Exact head and foot trim
- Precision guides with 4 drive points
- Fast-format-adjustment with counter display
- Simple format adjustment via spindle guide
- Exact side adjustment by parallel guidance
- Text display for operation and monitoring
- 600 kg
Condition: Very good, refurbished by MKW in 2022
Unbreakable, transparent PC safety hoods
Guarantee: 112 months manufacturer's guarantee in multi-shift operation
Length: See diagram
Width: See diagram
Height: See diagram
Power supply: This machine is connected to 400 V, 50 Hz.
Air supply: Pressure-vacuum pump in sound-absorbing casing
Important: Connection requirements of any power utility note!
CE mark: The machine bears the CE mark

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