Muratec Automatic Winders Process Coner-II QPRO-Plus

Ref : 2217959-1-AS
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Muratec
Short Description : Automatic Winders
Model : Process Coner-II QPRO-Plus
Year(s) : 2016
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
ASIA (North East)

Type: CBF Bobbin Tray (for 1kind, 2cop Robo)
No. of Drums: 60 drums on 60 drums frame (12 drum x 5 span)
Machine Direction: L-Hand
Empty Bobbin Conveyor: Split type without sorting table
Yarn Supply: Cotton 100%
Main Count: Ne 30 - 40s
Twist Direction: Z-Twist

Supply Package: Cop content 54-58 gms, Ring Dia. 38mm, Wound Dia. 36-37mm,
Bobbin Length 210mm, Top outside dia. 21.1-21.3mm, Top inside dia. 11.8mm,
Bottom outside dia. 26.5-27.0mm, Bottom inside dia. 20.1mm
Take-Up Package: 6" Traverse, 4Deg.20Min Cone
Bottom inside dia. 58mm (paper) and 58.5mm (plastic),
Top inside dia. 26.5mm (paper and 28.0 (plastic),
Length 172mm (paper) and 171mm (plastic)
Thickness 2.0mm (paper) and 2.2mm (plastic)
Shape of the top: roll nose, both end cut
Blow Cleaner: Murata made
Blower air exhaust: bottom vent
Winding System: PAC21-A type (Process Cartridge Winding System)
with 2.5 winding drum
Drum Driving: Direct driven system with individual servo motor
Tension Control system: PC-Module Feed back tension control with
combination of PC Bal-Cone, PC Tensor, and PC sensor
Joining Method: Mach-Splicer / Cassette type
Electronic Yarn Clearer: USTER UQC-3 with FFD+PP
(Type iMH C15/F30-FFD)
Monitoring System: VOS-III / Visual On-Demanded System with
15" display monitor/touch-screen and alarm indicator in each unit.
Residual Yarn Detector: Photo-Electric feeler
Auto Doffer (AD): 1 set / machine with Bunch Yarn reserve
Capable upto 52m/min., cycle time upto 10sec., No. of stock 4-5pcs.

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