Stefani Solution

Ref : 2229042-15-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Stefani
Model : Solution
Year(s) : 2010
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)

-Computer Monitor – Mounted – Windows XP
-In cabin lighting Florescent tubes
-Feed Motor – 380V / 9A / 4kw – variable speed
-Automatic Hight Adjustment
-Front and Back Premill Motors – 380V / 7.5A / 4kw
*1 back up Dimond Teeth Head
*1 Back up Carbide Replacement Knife Head Set and Knifes
-Connections spot for Short-Wave Heater (Short-Wave Heater not included)
-QMS (Quick Melt System) for glue pellets
-Dual Roll Vertical Feed Rolling Tape Holder
-Pneumatic Guillotine with Shear Reinforcement
-Pin Needle Roller
-Pressure Rollers
-2 Aluminum Glue Pots with Glue Level Sensor
-Front and Back End Trimmers Automatic Switching – 380V / 1.5A / 0.55KW
-Top and Bottom Flush Trimmers – 380V / 5A / 1.84kw
-Top and Bottom Chamfering Units Automatic Switching – 380V / 1.8A / 0.51kw
-4 Corner Rounding heads – 380V / 1.1A / 0.35kw
*Top-Front/Top-Back/ Bottom-Front/Bottom-Back
-3mm/2mm PVC Edge Scraper
-Top and Bottom Edge Scraper
-Top and Bottom Brushes – 380V / 0.96A / 0.36Kw
-Top and Bottom Edge Brightener – 380V / 15A / 3kw Hot Air Blowers
-2nd Glue Pot
-Rolling Dual Edge Banding Holder
-Buffer Wheels
-Edge Brightening
-Spare Motors
-Spare Blades
-Recent Upgrades: Upgraded in 2019, Edge Application Area, End trimmers, Track. (about $18,000 repairs)
-Size of Machine: 80in wide x 380in long x 70in high
-Edging up to 25mm thick and up to 60mm wide.
-It is preprogramed for 0.5mm Tape, 3mm PVC w/ corner rounding, 3mm solid and solid wood over 3mm

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