Titan Automatic Overedging System for car mats DK4640S 60 x 100 cm

Ref : 1810328-1
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Titan
Short Description : Automatic Overedging System for car mats
Model : DK4640S
Width : 60 x 100 cm
Year(s) : 2011
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 13 Dec. 2018

TITAN DK 4640 Automatic Overedging System for car carpets
For all types of car carpets and door mats with complex shapes.
Speed : Operating at 3200 spm:
NEW : High speed sewing
Stitch width : 12 mm standard Software for computer monitoring of production output of the machine.
Machine sizes : DK 4640-S : 60 x 100 cm max carpet size

Description from manufacturer
1 Precut carpets with complex shapes are loaded in the loading station. The carpets are selected automatically one by one by the machine and placed on an airtable.
2 Robot arm takes the carpet and feeds the carpet to the sewing head
3 Sewing head detects carpets and automatically starts sewing,no programming of shape is necessary.
4 After simultaneously turning and sewing the external or internal curves, the robot arm pulls carpet, threads are cut, and the last stitch is fixed at the back with ultrasonic welding.
5 Robot brings finished carpet to unloading station and palletizes it.

• NEW USER INTERFACE : industrial PC running with latest Windows® operating system .
Ready for network connection. USB ports for printer connection and others.
• Tufted and Needle-punched Rugs or Mats.
• One operator can supervise up to 4 automatic systems.
• No programming of the shape of the carpet, due to unique system which is reading and measuring the shape of the carpet and automatically sews the complex shapes.
• Sewing threads are cut, the last stitch is fixed and the finished carpets are stacked on a pallet. No extra handling of the carpets is necessary after sewing.
• Simple and clear instructions are given to the operator on the screen
• Easy set-up, maintenance and servicing.
• Clear and extended instruction manual & technical hot-line available.
• Three colors status lamp included to minimise stop times.
• Complete security fence included. System in full accordance with the most strict security norms.