Unknown YRJK61200 6 1250mm

Ref : 1968306-4-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Unknown
Model : YRJK61200
Number Of Colors : 6
Size : 1250mm
Year(s) : 2015
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Central and Eastern)
Last check : 26 Apr. 2019

YRJK61200 CI Flexo Press
Main Parameter :
Remark: Print material thickness, width should match with setting tension.
ors: 6 colors
Register precision: ±0.10mm
Printing repeat length: 400-800mm
Dycril plate and double faced
Max. mechanical speed: 250m/min
Running speed: 15-200 m/min,

Actual speed influenced by below factors:
Printing plate perimeter
Printing material Max. Substrate width: 1270mm Printing width: 1250mm
Printing col Substrate: Paper: 30---300 gsm
adhesive tape option together: 1.14+0.55mm Remark: Sleeve system
Ink and solvent
Printing typography and quality
Web direction: Print unit on the right side of rewind unit (stand in operation side to observe web direction)
Ink type: Water based ink, alcohols based ink and solvent based ink.
Driven method: Gear drive
Register control: Manually operation
Power: AC400V ±5% ,50Hz
Max. unwind and rewind diameter: φ1200mm (1000Kg)
Splice method: Stop and manual splice
Heating & drying system: Electrical heating temperature: 10-35 ℃
Relative humidity: 30-80%(20℃ as reference temperature)
Compressed air: No lubrication, drying and wipe off humidity with filter
Air pressure: 6Bar
Dew point : +2℃
Cooling water:
Filter: less than 20μ
Pressure: 2Bar-3Bar
Water income temperature (cooling Total motor power: 70KW (usually use 65%)
Electrical heating pipe power: 90KW
Max. Noise: Lower than 85dB
Suggestion operation 4 roller, temperature +20℃):from 15-18℃
Hardness (CaCO3): 2.5-4mg/L
Tension control range: 4~20kgf/ full web
Machine color: RAL3020 (red)+RAL7035 (grey)

Remark: Only for HUAYANG provided main machine.
Machine size (Length×Width×Height): See attached drawing.
Remark: No included height of user provided exhaust pipes.
3. Function units
3.1 Unwind unit
Hydraulic swing arm unwinder.
Unwinding by air shaft: φ76mm (3”) or φ150mm (6”); Max. l

3.2 Infeed unit
Consists of steel roller and rubber roller.
Steel roll is driven by vector frequency motor.(Yaskawa close loop frequency system, 4KW)
When printing unit start running, driving roller move with printing unit.
Press on/off of rubber roller is controlled pneumatically.
Splice platform. oading: 1300kg;
Max. unwind diameter: φ1300mm
Paper roll can be adjusted laterally by the handwheel on the operation side.
Automatic magnetic particle brake for tension control. Capacity: 200N.M
Tension controller: China made.
3.3 Printing unit
Cast iron frame and each printing unit supporter.
Max. printing colors: 6 colors.
Driven method: Gear drive.
Printing cylinder roller, anilox roller transferring side bearings and central impression drum bearings used centre lubricate.
Print unit matched safety switch.
Central impression drum:
Double layers structure, steel, surface plate hard chrome two sides supported by cylindrical roller bearing;
Cooling water can go through between two layers and make sure the surface temperature is constant.
Frequency conversion motor drive.
Printing cylinder roller
Printing cylinder roller is hollow structure, steel
Driven method:Gear drive;
Two sides supports, electrical hoisting device quickly to change cylinder.
Anilox roller
Anilox roller is hollow structure and steel, spray coating surface and processing ceramic ink cell.
Driven method: gear drive
Two sides supports, electrical hoisting device quickly to change cylinder.
Printing pause machine still slowly running to avoid ink drying.
Doctor blade
Aluminum alloy doctor blade, closed ink chamber to reduce the solvent evaporation and maintain the ink viscosity and cleanliness.
Blades installed in cavity on both sides, reverse blade for sealing, positive blade for ink scraping.
The doctor blade overall compression pressure evenly, and can be
manually adjusted through regulating valve.
Ink supply system
Each color matched the diaphragm pump.
Vertical register:
The vertical register control devices adjusted manually, use hand wheel which has meter to adjust turbo-worm
reducer drive cylinder bevel wheel movement in central drum bevel wheel and produce phase change to arrive vertical register.
Adjustment value display by hand wheel meter, adjustment range: ±10mm.
Lateral register:
The lateral register control devices adjusted manually, use hand wheel which has meter to adjust
turbo-worm reducer drive cylinder lateral movement, lateral adjustment range: ±10mm.
Pressure adjustment:
Support base use high strength alloy cast iron, and twice treatment.
Anilox roller and cylinder driven through high-precision ball screws and also has precision feed rate adjustment device.
Feed rate indication clear by hand wheel adjustment meter.
Plate cylinder base and anilox roller base slid on high precision linear guide freely.
Cylinder and anilox roller on and off driven by pneumatic driven.
Each printing unit can be control independently, may stop at any time.
Static image monitor
Magnification:3-12 times(according to area magnification
Display method: full screen

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