Voronezh k8544 2500

Ref : 1889117-3
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Voronezh
Model : k8544
Pressure : 2500
Year(s) : 1989
Quantity : 0
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Central and Eastern)
Last check : 04 Oct. 2018

Hot forging press VORONEZH K 8544 2500t
Condition: full complete of mechanical parts. at the moment it is partly disassembled
Technical specification:
Force, t: 2500
Slider stroke length, mm: 350
Slider stroke length at maximum force, mm: 0,1
Unattainable-course, mm: 10
Number of courses of a slider per minute: 60
Shut height, mm: 890
Length of a rod, mm: 1100
Table overall dimensions, mm: 1400 x 1200
Table height above floor level, mm: 450
Slider overall dimensions, mm: 1120x1070
The size of lateral windows, mm:
- height 890
- width 720
Distance between posts (in light), mm: 1320
Ejector in a slider (top): Type-mechanical with a drive from a rod
- The greatest force of pushing out, ton-force: 6,3
- The greatest course of pushing, mm: 50
Ejector of a table (bottom): Type-mechanical with a pneumodrive
- The greatest force of pushing out, ton-force: 10
- The greatest course of pushing, mm: 50
Maximal twisting force at which should work fuse, kgm: 140 000
Belt drive of a drive of a slider:
Type of a belt, wedge-like
Section of a belt, D
- Nominal length of a belt, mm: 6500
- Amount of belts: 9
The greatest external diameter of a flywheel, mm: 1780
Number of turns a minute of a flywheel: 326
The moment of inertia of a flywheel, kgm/sec: 435
Weight of a flywheel: kg: 5300
Power of the electric motor of slider drive: type AKZ-315_2-6 (980 turn/min), kW: 132
Press overall dimensions, mm:
- length 5310
- width 4680
- height 6400
Press weight, kg: 198000