Weber CCS 902 MCS Automatic High Capacity Cheese Slicing Machine Line

Ref : 7082
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Weber
Model : CCS 902 MCS
Short Description : Automatic High Capacity Cheese Slicing Machine Line
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
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EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 10 Jun. 2019

1x Weber, CCS 902 MCS, Automatic High Capacity Cheese Slicing Machine Line

Automatic High Capacity Slicing Machine,
with WEBER Electronic Checkweigher & WEBER Automatic Loading System.
all running together, still set up in the factory and can be seen working.

Line includes :
• High performance slicer for slicing cheese products.
• Adjustable thickness of slice from 0,1 to 9,99 mm
• Up to 3 loads simultaneously, pieces size max 100x100 mm, input material length max. 1200 mm. Variable number of slices per portion.
• Frequency up to 1500 cuts/min. Sickle knifehead WSK 2
• Automatic side loading unit.
• Cutting blade: 1 blade of length 350 mm.
• Moving unit for precise carriage of material to the cutting blade.
• Microprocessor WE 1000, memory for up to 99 programs, saving of operational data (number of portions, weight etc.)
• Portion conveyor belt WEBER CCU 150 takes the slices from the cutter and makes either "shingle" or "column". Variable "shingle" grade.
• Digital scale with transport speed 1300 mm/sec.
• Table size 480 x 400 mm (length x width)
• Speed max. 100 units per minute
• Scale extent 0 - 1000 g
• AUTOMATIC LOADING SYSTEM WEBER CCA 4711 for loading of portions into the packaging machine

Turnout with 2 positions:
a) horizontally = correct portions, loaded to the conveyor belt leading to the automatic loading system
b) down = portions that are out of tolerances

Traction of all belts via servo-motors with variable speed
Own control connected to the contor of the slicer, possibility to control through the central control panel
Cables for connection and synchronization with the packaging unit.
Dimension of the slicing line: Length = 8,5 m. Width = 1,9 m. Height = 2,3 m. Weight = ca 4000 kg.
Energy requirements: Electricity 400 V, 3 phase, N, PE, 50 Hz, power 10 kW. Pressed air ca 20 l / min.,
min. 6 bar, max. 10 bar, max. humidity 7 g/m³, without oil.