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Rotostain 2000 CE, Automatic Spraying Machine

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REF. 1690370-W15
Model Rotostain 2000 CE, Automatic Spraying Machine
YEAR 2005
LOCATION Seller or Machines location:
EUROPE Western and Northern
LAST CHECK 05 Sep. 2017
PRICE 28.000,00 €
Rotostain 2000 CE, Automatic Spraying Machine

1x CEFLA, Rotostain 2000 CE, Automatic Spraying Machine, 2005

Rotostain is a with circular rotation coating system, for water or solvent-based coating on flat and raised
panels. Rotary gun carrier is equipped to accept 10 or 20 guns fed by 1 or 2 circuits with a four-way recycling
and distribution system. Rotostain includes adjustable rotation speed, electric lifting, and electronic valves to
control the spray guns. Features: Infeed photodiode monitors parts configuration to maximize spraying
efficiency. Carbon-fiber conveyor belt transfers no coating to underside of panel. Patented counter-rotating
roller system for maximum coatings recovery. Newly designed plenum maximizes airflow efficiency while
reducing turbulence and enhancing product quality. Touch-screen control is easy to learn and operate
and provides expansive storage of production parameters, diagnostics and operational reports

What it does
Spraying system with circular rotation coating system, specifically designed for the application of any type of
water or solvent based coating on flat and raised panels

A continuous width (65”) Carbon Fiber Belt (CFB) enables the recovery of over sprayed coating material for
reuse, which results in: increased Transfer Efficiency, no overspray on the panels bottom side, superior edge
Two different patents protect the conveyor belt system for coating recovery and belt cleaning;
they include counter-rotating roller, cleaning rollers, scrapers, tanks: solvent consumption is minimum.
High efficiency filters and special shape of the roof assure clean air at input of booth enclosure
Automatic air flow system monitors and maintains consistent air flow through spray booth
this system produces an enhanced quality of finish, because of less overspray
in the spray booth

Use of dry filters in exhaust air filtration system is very efficient and limit operational maintenance costs
The machine is particularly suitable for the application of waterborne lacquers.
The spray system utilizes a rotary gun carrier and is equipped to accept 10 (20) guns fed by 1 (2) circuits
with recycle and distribution joint with 4 ways. The system includes adjustable rotation speed, electric lifting
electrovalves for on/off spraying guns.
Electronic control unit utilizes a sixty (60) cell photodiode bar to monitor and regulate spray application
further maximizing application Transfer Efficiency.
PLC with touch screen provides a clear visual operator interface and large memory storage of working programs
parameters, controls and diagnostic functions, as well as operational reports

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