(2015) Complete Deodorant Filling Line, Jars/Creams Filling Lines, Homogenizing/Mixing System

Type : Auction
Ref : Beiersdorf - Chile
Industry : Packing and Packaging Equipment
Location : Chile
Starts at : Nov, 29
Ends at : Jul, 31

Global personal care manufacturer sell its surplus processing, packaging equipment located in Santiago, Chile.

This project inventory features: Complete Deodorant Filling Lines, Jars Filling Lines for Creams, Liquid Filling Lines, Tubes Filling Lines, Homogenizers and more. OEMs for these assets include Becomix, Fillpack, Franz Tolke, Vacumix and other well known manufacturers. All equipment is available for inspection.

Homogenizing/Mixing System Vakumix ABW YOM:1998
Homogenizing/Mixing System Becomix ABW 1600 YOM:1982
Homogenizing/Mixing System Vakumix HMS2000 YOM: 2001
Tolke Deodorants Filling Line (Multi- Listing)
Fillpack liquids Filling Line (Multi-Listing)
Tema Creams Filling Line (Multi-Listing)
Cans Filling Line- Filler Fillpack L01 YOM: 1995
Fillpack Jars Filling Line (Multi-Listing)
Lieder Jars Filling Line (Multi-Listing)

Sale Date:
Available Immediately

Av. Lo Espejo 501
Santiago, Chile