2016 Composite foils processing plant

Type : Auction
Ref : Auction 34378
Industry : Plastic Machinery
Location : Austria
Starts at : Oct, 30
Ends at : Nov, 5

Composite film processing plant for cleaning, drying and sorting for various heavy plastics, light and heavy; Feeding screw from tank, CrNi, l 6,000 mm, drying centrifuge with discharge screw - presumably Tgalindo CB, standing on metal construction, vibrating dewatering sieve 3D vibrator S49A-600-1S, floating sink, version CrNi, with built-in twin screw, discharge screw with helical screw, dry centrifuge presumably TGALINDO Potest standing with side discharge screw, product PP-PE, in continuous dryer screw Domenech machine systems ECP600x6000 model M8C 133T02, YOM 2016, steam heated, complete version CrNi, dryer with discharge blower with air blower delivery, to a big bag Extraction station, with additional discharge from the sink by means of screw discharge in the desiccant centrifuge, presumably TGALINDO, with discharge from a dry centrifuge to another dry swimming pool with existing funnel with inclined conveyor and further centrifuge on a longitudinal dryer, dry swimming pool with additional discharge via an inclined screw conveyor (CrNi ) in further dry centrifuge with inclined screw conveyor, screws with steam heating in vibrating screen Tadel SL bagging station, with further discharge of sorted and dried materials in feed containers with screw discharge, approx. 2,000 x 1,500 x 1,500 mm, in conveyor system for big bag filling.

03/11/2020 10:30-13:00
By appointment
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