Bosch RRU 3043, Aseptic Filling and Closing Machines

Ref : 2492551-5-W
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Bosch
Model : RRU 3043, Aseptic Filling and Closing Machines
Year(s) : 2005
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)

BOSCH RRU 3043 +HQL 2440S +ALF 4060 +DRN 3010 +FLC 3060 + VRK

1. bosch vials washing machine RRU 3043
technical specifications
Length 2240 mm Width mm 2130 Height 1700 mm
Net weight Kg 2000
Maximum container diameter 52 mm
Maximum container height 128 mm
Maximum output 12000 / hour

2. Depyrogenation Tunnel Bosch HQL 2440S
HQL installations are ideal for the sterilisation of vials. This model is exceptional because of the low throughput in the tunnel, which is the result of the laminar hot air flow process with its high degree of efficiency. The cooling section operates with laminar flow. A fan in the cooling section exhausts the hot air under the conveyor belt. The exhaust air volume is automatically adjusted. The tunnel is equipped with an automatic overpressure control in the cooling section. Modular system for tunnel assembly suitable for the required power range with optimum energy consumption. GMP-compliant construction. Compatible container transport systems for stable and unstable containers. Safe conveyor belts on floor and side levels operated simultaneously. Excellent accessibility and ease of operation.

3. Filling/capping machine Bosch ALF 4060
- Output max. 18,000 ampoules/h
- Pre/post gassing
- Filling
- Preheating
- Capping via spit take-off, closing gassing
- Manual in-process control (IPC)
- Storage of containers in discharge magazine
• Included format sets (diameter): 1 ml, 10.75 ; 2 ml, 10.75 ; 5 ml, 14.75; 10 ml, 17.75

4. Color Ring Printer Bosch DRN 3010
This high-speed machine is design to mark ampoules with single or multiple ring codes. It is useful for identifying trial batches or for adding colour codes to standard batches of Ampoules for identification purposes or to avoid intermixing of batches.
• Included format sets (diameter) : 1 ml, 10.75 ; 2 ml, 10.75 ; 5 ml, 14.75; 10 ml, 17.75

5. Bosch Vials Filler FLC 3060
The continuous motion machine provides a processing range with filling volumes of 0.5 - 500 ml. A “V-cleat” conveyor system offers advantages in ease of size changeover
Filling programs can be stored and recalled via the control panel.

Technical data :
Containers: Injection vials and infusion bottles made of glass and plastic, up to 500 ml.
Diameter 14 - 86 mm
Height 30 - 180 mm
Pharmaceutical liquids (e.g. hydrous solutions, suspensions).
Closures:Rubber stoppers (siliconized or teflonized) in mushroom or freeze dry version
Speed 12.000 vials per hour

6. Bosch Crimping Machine VRK 2005
The VRK 2005B works continuously and has a 5-head capping station with a separate drive for container rotation from the main transport drive and other functions. The VRK 2005 B is commonly implemented in-line with Bosch filling and closing machines such as the MLF, FLC and FLM machines, boasting a very high technology profile.

Processing range:
Container 0 (mm): 13.75-86
Container height (mm): 35-180
Max output per hour: 12.000

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