Flow wrapper pack Autowrapp Food Flowwrappers Horizontal 4x Redpack P325 Packaging Fruit And Vegetable Multivac Ulma Bosch IIapak

Type : Auction
Ref : 2099652-7-MT
Industry : Food Processing Machines and Equipment
Location : EUROPE (Central and Eastern)
Starts at : Dec, 14
Ends at : Feb, 13

P325E P325 P325 SP P325 E - packing fruit and vegetable

For sale 4 x Redpack Flow Wrapper

The Redpack Trayless flow wrapper is a machine specifically designed for damage-free flow wrapping of trayless products, such as tomatoes, apples, avocado's, citrus, peppers etc, either hand placed upon the infeed or automatically feed at speeds from 10-120+ packs per minute.

The P325 is robustly manufactured and has precision engineered components housed in a stainless steel fabrication providing 24/7 production capability.

The Redpack Trayless Flow Wrapper is able to wrap punnets, trays etc as well as trayless products on the one machine. The specially designed infeed system ensures the products have a "friction-free" transfer into the wrapping machine. Redpack MODEL P325D which was a left to right 6 pack trayless tomato line which could do other products

Redpack MODEL P325E is a Right to left peg and chain with 9m infeed.

Redpack MODEL P325E is a Left to right phase feeder - Flow-wrapper with phase feeder, twin spooling, carry over system.

Redpack MODEL P325 SP is a right to left peg and chain that was used for cucumber portions. Complete cucumber cutting and packing line consists of, twin spooling and cucumber halving machine

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The transport can be arrange at the additional costs.