Hessemann Junior

Ref : 2277525-15-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Hessemann
Model : Junior
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)

Sanding machine
Number of sanding units 2 st.
sanding width 190 mm
Sanding height max. 4-150 mm

Additional information:
Basic structure:
Stable, heavy welded construction made of thick-walled rectangular hollow profiles
with additional, statically calculated reinforcements for optimal
Vibration damping.
Staggered grinding units with large ones
Belt drive drums for slip-free belt run.
Two-point suction for direct and airborne dust extraction with integrated blow-off device.
Grinding units in heavy steel plate construction as a basic basis for vibration-damped, quiet tape run.
All guides as a ball linear set on hardened and ground shafts.
Permanent precision through dust and dirt protection the ball linear sets.
Contact roller and sanding pad in a balanced relationship for abrasive belt grain loading.
The large-sized drive drums guarantee full transmission of the 5.5 kW drive power of the
Sanding motors on the sanding belt.
As a result, strongest chip removal possible.
Automatic machine stop triggering in the event of a belt break.
Optical display on control panel.
Sanding shoe for finish made of special material with optimal
Heat dissipation and additional sliding lining.
Easy handling at Pad change.
Sanding belt tension over appropriately dimensioned
Compression springs. Sanding belt relaxation for belt change using pneumatic
Device for sensitive, distortion-free application of new tapes.
Upper Central motorized grinding unit and brush device (additional equipment) adjustable.

Timber guide in the inlet area for hard guide and
Pressure rollers. Tilt-proof transport of profiled workpieces
calibrated conveyor belts with continuously adjustable
Feed rate.
Automatic machine stop triggered by wood thickness control device.
Optical display of the control panel.

Infeed table via fine, precise threaded spindle for lower
Grinding chip removal manually adjustable via a scale (resolution 0.1 mm).
The length Pedestal table guide guarantees absolute parallel adjustment.
The Flight circle adjustment to the exit table is achieved by adjusting the height of the lower
Grinding unit via precise threaded spindle and scale display (resolution 0.1 mm) accomplished.

Clear, user-friendly arrangement of all electrical functional, operating and display elements on the machine front: grinding unit below,
Grinding unit above, workpiece transport device,
Sanding thickness adjustment, brushing device up / down, belt utilization,
Operating display, fault display. All motors are against overload electrically protected.

Technical specifications :
Sanding belt speed: 25 m / sec.
Grinding width: 190 mm
Sanding thickness: 4 - 150 mm
Shortest workpiece length: 280 mm

Feed speed, continuously adjustable 5 - 25 m / min.
Sanding belt dimensions: 200 mm width, 1850 mm length
Electrical equipment according to VDE
Electrical connection: 400 V., 3 / N, 50 Hz.
Pneumatic connection: R 3/8 ", 6 bar, 80 NL grinding units: 2 x 5.5 kW feed:
0.75 kW height adjustment: 0.18 kW
Pneumatic connection: R 3/8 ", 80 NL, min. 6 bar, max. 8 bar Amount of exhaust air: 2 x2000 to 2500 m3 / h 20 - 25 m / sec.
Extraction connection piece: 2 x 180 mm diameter, at the top of the machine housing
External dimensions: without control cabinet 1750 mm width, 1850 mm height, 1000 mm depth
with switch cabinet 1960 mm width, 1850 mm height, 1000 mm depth

Working height: 835 mm
in the range of 4-20 mm only without a guide ruler
Painting: RAL 7030 stone gray with RAL 1018 zinc yellow

Additional equipment:
1 digital display for motor. Grinding thickness adjustment
1 set up for oscillator. Sanding belt utilization device for oscillating
Sanding belt utilization to increase the service life of the sanding belts and improve them
the surface finish through motor-driven adjustment of the grinding unit.
Connected load: 0.12 kW, 380 V, 3 / N, 50 Hz

1 brushing and finishing device, for a better surface finish, integrated in
the basic machine. Two special brush rollers 150 mm arranged one above the other
Diameter in synchronism with the feed. Separate height adjustment of the
Brush rollers on precise slide guides for wear correction.
1 pneumatic workpiece removal device after the brushing and finishing

Device for determining wood thickness
Operating panel separately for use in connection with fourside moulder.

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