Reishauer RG 500 CNC

Ref : 473190
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Reishauer
Model : RG 500 CNC
Year(s) : 1994
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 28 Sep. 2018

CNC-controlled Worm- and Thread Grinding Machine
Model RG 500 CNC
Year 1994

Grinding length 580 mm
Max. workpiece clamping length 1.030 mm
Threading-Æ min./max. 10 - 250 mm
Height of centres approx. 125 mm
Max. weight of workpiece 250 kg

Max. thread profile 12 module
Lead range for single- rib wheels min./max. 0,8 –300 mm
Max. lead angle + 50 °
Number of starts 1 - 999
27 workpiece speeds 0,4 – 100 rpm

Grinding wheel dimensions, Æ x width 400 x 63 x 160 mm
Radial feed of grinding slide 0 – 15 mm
Axial feed 0 – 11 mm

Grinding wheel speed 45 m/sec.
Spindle drive approx. 15 kW Total electrical load 30 kW - 380 V – 50 Hz
Total weight approx. 10.000 kg

Accessories/Special Features:
· Original REISHAUER CNC Control especially for high precision grinding of
Single- and multi start worms for single parts as well as for serial parts owing to
user-friendly, easy to program controls, especially suitable for modifications of work pieces
(convex/concave/conical generating lines).
· Software for grinding of DUPLEX-worms (= increasing pitch of tooth thickness) and for
groove grinding.
· CNC- Grinding Wheel profile dressing device with two HF diamond wheel dressing spindles, mounted
above the grinding wheel with various possibilities for generating profile design and profile corrections, additional software packages.
· Large oil regeneration processing system with TURBO-Separator and re-cooling system
· Optional: PROMAT Portal work piece loader for linear loading of workpieces and unloading
of the finished parts, including stacking station and with own control system.
This machine is set up for the automatic clamping/unclamping of work pieces
· Various grinding wheel flanges, separate hydraulic system, free standing separate switching cabinet,
· Oil mist hood with automatic sliding doors, free standing oil mist exhaust device. …
and various other equipment