REM, SCM PILOT 06 REM 13, Vertical CNC boring - milling center

Ref : 1980320-15-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : REM, SCM
Model : PILOT 06 REM 13, Vertical CNC boring - milling center
Nb Of Axis : -
Year(s) : 2007
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 10 Jan. 2020

Working phase:
The pre-loading phase prepares the panel,
which is positioned in vertical position,
so it can be fed into the machine .
Once the panel is in the machine, it is locked by a chuck system.
It is then pulled by the driving gear ,
the sliding roller which it leans on .
At this point the revolver, which contains the head with the tools,
starts the working phase . After this last operation is finished,
the panel can be fed out of the machine

The machine can work on the following types of panels:
solid wood and its by-products
fiber board
aluminium and wood
Panel dimensions : lenght unlimited - width min/max mm 20/800 - thickness min/max mm 5/100

Driving gear :
In the working program this component represents the movement along the X axis.
Everything is powered by a brushless motor ,
which is provided with an encoder that monitors the positions :
this allows the PC to accurately control the movement of the axis

Chucks :
These components are mobile systems that block the panel
by using rollers positioned along thre main axis.
Two types of chucks are available: vertical chuck and horizontal chuck,
which is divided into an upper and lower section.
The first leans on the top of the panel,
and holds it against the driving gear ;
the others push on the back of the panel
and hold it against a series of fixed rollers placed in front

With 10 heads - Power Kw 5,6
Drilling head :
With 6 + 6 horizontal spindles - Power Kw 3
Lubrification system
Power Kw 15
Pneumatic system supply pressure 6/7 bar
Suction : n° 2 valves diameter 80 - n° 1 diameter 160
Overall dimensions : mm 2500 x 1950 x 2550 h ( for transport 2300 h )
Weight kg 3300

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