Gouet, Werner & Pfleiderer Breadline Brioche Bread 1800 kg / hour

Ref : 1658727-7-AW
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Gouet, Werner & Pfleiderer
Model : Breadline Brioche Bread
Capacity : 1800 kg / hour
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 15 Jun. 2017

1x Spiromatic / VMI / WP Haton / Gouet / Hartmann, Breadline Brioche Bread

Breadline was used for the production of brioche bread 700 gram,
with some adaptions the line is also suitable for other tin bread.
Manufacturers: Spiromatic, VMI, WP Haton, Gouet, Hartmann
Capacity: depending on product, for current product 1800 kg / hour
Year of manufacturing: 2008

No longer in production, has only been in use for 2 years
Sale outside Europe only!

Line consisting of:
Dough preparation
• Spiromatic dosing station for flour, water and micro components
• VMI horizontal mixer, model Verymix 3, double jacketed, capacity 1350 kg / hour
• Transport conveyor, sandwich infeed conveyor
• WP Haton conical rounder, model CR 59-AT, capacity max. 5000 pieces / hour,
weight range 90-1600 gram

Make-up / Proofing / Decoration
• WP Haton pre-proofer, model BIP 72, 88 swings, 8 cups per row, climate unit,
capacity 1800 pieces at a proofing time of 18 minutes, outfeed conveyor
• WP Haton longmoulder / pre-former, model Combi U, including flour duster
• WP Haton proofer, model FRK, capacity 2100 pieces at a proofing time of 3 minutes (no climate unit)
• WP Haton centralisation unit
• WP Haton special longmoulder for moulding to final length
• Transport conveyor for manual make-up of special bread, working areas on both sides
• Infeed conveyor to tray transport
• Gouet proofer, 28 decks, capacity 448 tins (600*800mm) product height approx. 135 mm.
120 minutes proofing time, including Hydronic climate unit with electrical heating, glycol cooling and steam injection.
• Egg spray unit

Baking / cooling
• Gouet modular belt oven, 4 baking zones, 4 Maxon burners, gas heated.
Belt width 2400mm, length 22000mm, 52,8 m2 baking surface.
Baking time for this line 28 minutes in total
• Gouete needle depanner
• Static cooler, 9 belts, capacity 225 tins (600*800mm) Elevator infeed and outfeed.
Cooling time in current situation 60 minutes.

• Conveyor to Hartmann bagger
• Alcohol dispenser to improve shelf life
• Hartmann GBK 220 packing machine with metal clip closure

Buffer for tin storage
Machine to put paper in tins
Tin return conveyor

Additional information:
• Divider not included in the line, upon negotiation a WP Haton model B 700-3 divider,
capacity 1500-4500 pieces / hour, weight range 300 – 1400 gram is available.
Of course we can also search for another used divider for you in order to complete the line.
• Tins are not included in the line