Unique offering of late model Semiconductor Production tools and auxiliary equipment due to the closure of Semi Materials

Type : Auction
Ref : 2163450-9
Industry : Semiconductor and PCB Manufacturing
Location : South Korea
Starts at : Jun, 23
Ends at : Jul, 23

Important Note: Due to the huge interest in the equipment, we are accepting offers for the complete facility. Get in touch for more details.

Epitaxy Process

AIXTRON AIX 2800G4 HT GaN MOCVD Reactor, 2010 (5 units available)
PANalytical X-Pert Pro MRD XRD Machine, 2011
ETAMAX Plato PL mapper, 2011
Additionally: Adixen Helium leak detectors, Ebara Dry Pump, Kocat Scrubbers and more

PSS Process

MAXIS 300L ICP Etcher, 2011
TAINICS TE3100 ICP Etcher (for GaN etching), 2011
ULVAC EI-5K E-Beam (for ITO), 2011
ULVAC EI-5K E-Beam (for Metal), 2011
Additionally: Scanplus Alpha step 6, Acid and Solvent Wet stations, Spin rinse Dryers and more

Photo Process

MIDAS MDA-60FA Mask Aligner, 2011
SVS MSX1000 Spin Coater & Developer, 2011
Nikon NSR-1755i7 Stepper, 1992 (refurbished 2011)
Back-end & other tools:
NTS S610T-AFCLOM Lapping machine, 2011
NTS GV320/PC-VDM Grinding machine, 2011
QMC LDPS-600 LED Die Probing system, 2011 (5 units available)
QMC PLS-600 Pellucid Laser scribing system, 2011
HITACHI S3400-N Type II Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), 2011